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Messi and Pele, united by an image

Published on : 24 February 2019, 02:55 PM
Messi and Pele, united by an image

It happened on June 21, 1970, at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico. One of the most spectacular World Cup finals of all time was played, in which Brazil beat Italy by four goals to one. Pele, the legendary Brazilian soccer player and dubbed as the best in history, gave the most remembered image of that World Cup, when he celebrated the victory climbing on his teammate Jairzinho, raising his right fist to the sky, with a smile of indescribable satisfaction as he put his other arm around the neck of number 7 Brazilian. A photograph that has been seen a thousand times.

In Seville, during scoring a hattrick against Sevilla, the Argentine star celebrated one of his goals climbing on Dembélé in the similar manner Pele did in 1970. It looked as if Messi wanted to reminisce the image with this celebration by repeating all gestures. His right fist was raised towards heaven, left arm around the neck of his partner, and a big smile of joy. The only difference is, in Mexico, it was Jairzinho wore number 7 jersey, and this time it was 11 of Dembélé. The similarity of the two photographs is surprising.

Pele was, at the time, the best footballer on the planet. Leo Messi could also be in the sage unless there was Cristiano Ronaldo.

Although the two games cannot be compared by importance, the commitment, happiness, and joy of two of the greatest players of all time are exactly the same.

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