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World to see new champions?

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Published on : 09 July 2018, 08:11 PM
World to see new champions?

Russia offers an eventful and unexpected World Cup. Unexpectedly, the favorite teams have already tasted defeat this time. The world will see the semi-finals without Brazil-Argentina-Italy-Germany for the very first time. Russia has already been prepared for the semi-finals. Observing the previous shocking results it is expected that more amazement is waiting for the semi-finals.

Many predicted that Brazil, Germany, Spain and Argentina will be unbeatable till the semi-finals this time. Most probably no one guessed the surprises. Germany`s exit from the group round marks the commencement of the departure of the giants.

Argentina’s journey came to an end at the beginning of the second round. Shortly after Argentina`s departure hosts Russia finished the world cup dream of mighty Spain. Unfortunately, Brazil`s dream of ‘Hexa Mission’ extended for four more years even after reaching to the quarter-finals.

Four teams are still on track after the quarter-finals. Among them, there are two former champions France and England. The remaining two teams are Belgium and Croatia.

England won the only World Cup in 1966. Now England are dreaming of winning their second world title. On the other hand, France won the title of the World Cup for the first time in 1998. Meanwhile, Croatia achieved the third position in 1998. That`s their highest achievement in the World Cup so far. Meanwhile, Belgium`s highest achievement was being fourth in 1986.

After 1974, the world saw new champions in 1998. But the old champions achieved the title of next two World Cups. Brazil won the title for the fifth time in 2002. Italy won the 2006 World Cup. In 2010 again the world saw the victory of the new champions, Spain. Spain ruled the football arena that time. But in 2014 the old champions Germany emerged again. They brought the title home for the 4th time beating Argentina. Will world see the emergence of the new champions this time?

The current equation makes the possibility of the emergence of new champions. Croatia will face England in the second semi-final. On the other hand, Belgium will face mighty France. As a result, these two teams have the possibility to win the title. Croatia have to beat England in that case and Belgium to France. If this happens, the world football will find new rulers like we have seen in 2010!

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