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Why ‘Big Teams’ collapsed at World Cup 2018

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Published on : 09 July 2018, 03:49 PM
Why ‘Big Teams’ collapsed at World Cup 2018


Russia World Cup is on the way to end. And just a week later the world will know who will win the title. However, Russia World Cup has created many ‘incidents’. But it is good to term ‘accidents’.  

Lionel Messi`s Argentina, Ronaldo’s Portugal and Neymar-Marcelo’s Brazil,  and along with this, Spain, who have been offering aesthetic football for almost a decade and champions Germany--They all have taken the adieu from the Russia World Cup. The 21st edition of the World Cup is now being played without these teams. Also, this is the first time in the history of the World Cup that semifinals are taking place without Brazil, Argentina or Germany!

But what is the reason behind the departure of the big teams from the 2018 World Cup?

For every World Cup Brazil play as the favorites. This time there has been no exception. Everyone thought Neymar-Coutinho would become overwhelming. But Belgium ended their run in the last eight. In that match, the loss of the Casimero was not possible to recover for Brazil. Brazil understood that Fernandinho couldn’t be his option. With that, Danilo and Fagner failed to use the chance of absence of Alvez. last match Casimero did not play and Brazil`s weakness of midfield became clear. 

Because of Lionel Messi, Argentina were termed as favorites for the World Cup this year as well. But the team`s coach Jorge Sampaoli failed due to lack of leadership. Rumors were heard that coach was not having a warm relationship with superstart Messi. Different elevens have been played in every match. Player like Dybala has kept for the reserve bench. At the same time, Argentina have felt the absence of Sergio Romero in goalpost. In all, Argentina conceded 9 goals in four matches and what do you expect!

Spain could not be pass through the first round. The lack of quality strikers suffered them. And `Tiki-taka` has not proved to be successful. Ramos` team could not win the match against Russia with 1114 passes! That shows the end of ‘Tiki-Taka’.

Defending champions Germany`s departure from the first round is the biggest upset for them in the history of the World Cup. Coach Joachim Low, who has depended heavily on the old team members. Not only that, there has been a great lack of quality strikers in the German team this time. It seemed that the German team has grown old. Excessive belief in Khedira-Ozill, the poor display of Boateng ensured Germany`s departure.

However, due to over-confidence, the ‘Big’ teams have been out of the Russia World Cup. And these weaknesses have been exploited by the ‘small’ teams. And that is why, the Russia World Cup has no definition of `small teams`!

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