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FIFA recognizes BD fans with surprise

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Published on : 09 July 2018, 02:09 PM
FIFA recognizes BD fans with surprise


‘Despite the fact that its team has never qualified for the FIFA World Cup, World Cup fever has taken over Bangladesh - a country with some of football`s most passionate fans’

The above words appeared 8 hours ago in a Facebook post shared by the official page of the FIFA World Cup. Since then, the post received around 30,000 likes and 7,907 shares, and the number is rising.

In response to the recognition from FIFA, the Bangladeshi fans started to comment on the post thanking FIFA.

Sanowar Hossain comments, ‘Well, that made me emotional. Thanks to FIFA for recognizing our emotions. And yeah, we are one hell of a football crazy nation.’

People from other nations also commented to appreciate the love for football in Bangladesh. A South African fan named Ras Bo comments, ‘I`m shocked, I thought Bangladesh only likes cricket mostly because I`ve never heard of a soccer fan… so amazing to know.’

Bangla Insider also thanks FIFA for recognizing the fans from Bangladesh.

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