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Bangladesh`s World Cup ends!

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Published on : 07 July 2018, 06:24 PM
Bangladesh`s World Cup ends!

Bangladesh does not play in World Cup football but the people of this country are crazier about the World Cup than many other countries. The kind of insanity of the people of Bangladesh grows more when Brazil and Argentina play in the field.

Along with the `Bragentina`, teams like Germany, Portugal, Spain have earned huge number of supporters in the country. At the same time, support for individuals players such as Ronaldo, Iniesta or Ozil is not even less. Before the start of the World Cup in Russia, Bangladesh`s fans started the World Cup.

But who knew that Russia would become the ‘Death wells’ for such big parties. Also day by day Russia World Cup is creating many upsets for the football lovers.

Since the beginning of the World Cup, many have missed Italy and Netherlands. On the day Germany lost, maybe many people became upset. Then the last sixteen starts and Argentina got defeated. The football maniacs of Bangladesh lost their World Cup madness. Many got quite screwed. Because, more than 60 percent of Bangladeshi football maniacs  support Argentina in the  World Cup.

But After the departure of Argentina still many of them had the color of the World Cup because Brazil was still in the World Cup. But yesterday, Belgium knocked Brazil out by 2-1. After that, the colors and madness of World Cup seem to have ended in Bangladesh. 

But is it only in Bangladesh? Hasn`t the World Cup become less colorful to the whole world?

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