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Karius sustained concussion in CL final

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Published on : 05 June 2018, 12:56 PM
Karius sustained concussion in CL final


Loris Karius has become the unfortunate laughing stock after the Champions League final between his own club Liverpool and the current champion Real Madrid. He had made two huge follies, very unusual at that level in football. The player could not hold back his tears after the Reds lost the game by 3-1. He had apologized to the fans.

Liverpool suspected the player to suffer a concussion after a big collision with Sergio Ramos in before the interval, and before the goalkeeper made the mistakes. The club had therefore asked Karius to go through a medical test in the United States, where he is on vacation, to remove this doubt.

Karius was examined by doctors Ross Zafonte and Lenore Herget on May 31 in Boston, Massachusetts General Hospital, just five days after the Reds` defeat in Kiev.

“After carefully reviewing the film of the match and having integrated a detailed history, a physical examination, and objective statistics, we conclude that Mr. Karius suffered a concussion during the match of May 26, 2018,” explained the two practitioners. “We believe that he will recover completely, according to the results of the exams.”

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