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Ronaldo hints at exit

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Published on : 27 May 2018, 03:19 PM
Ronaldo hints at exit


It had been a couple of minutes since the referee blew the final whistle that gave Real Madrid its third consecutive Champions League. Cristiano Ronaldo approached the microphones of beIN SPORTS and left a statement that had nothing to do with the expected celebration. The Portuguese, after being happy for the triumph, hinted his farewell to Real Madrid and explained that in the next few days he will announce his future.

`It was very nice to be at Real Madrid, in the next few days I will give an answer,` said Cristiano. However, he did not want to give any further explanations, he dribbled the next questions of Rodrigo Faez before leaving with the rest of his teammates to celebrate the title. We must remember that the Portuguese has a contract in force with Real Madrid.

Before, the Portuguese had made it clear that they had been superior to their rivals. "It was what we were looking for, it was a difficult match but we knew we are better than Liverpool. They went strong, but we scored three goals, we deserved to win and we had chances to score more goals. We made history that was what we were looking for, "he explained.