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Country awaiting final with great excitement

Published on : 18 March 2018, 11:39 AM
Country awaiting final with great excitement


There is no air ticket available from Dhaka to Sri Lanka`s Colombo since yesterday (Saturday). On Saturday, many Bangladeshis have already left for Sri Lanka. Many Bangladeshi corporate houses and organizations are working to send their employees to Colombo. Even many people who managed the air tickets are leaving for Colombo today (Sunday). Not only from Bangladesh but also from the Middle East and South-East Asia, many Bangladeshi nationals have left for Colombo.

The reason behind the sudden tour of Bangladeshis to Sri Lanka is just one and that is to enjoy the final match of Nidahas Trophy between Bangladesh and India. Bangladesh confirmed the final of the Nidahas trophy on Friday through a dramatic and nail-biting victory against Sri Lanka. So, to encourage the tigers in the final match many Bangladeshis have been travelling to Sri Lanka. The uncertainty of getting the tickets of the final match could not halt their enthusiasm. When this is the situation of cricket lovers at the airports, preparations to celebrate the final match are going on in the country in full swing

The whole country is waiting for the final match against India, with great enthusiasm and anxiety. This type of occasion does not come every day. So from midnight on Friday, many are planning how to watch the game. Youths planned to enjoy the match with friends. That`s why they chose campus or restaurants.  Again, many job holders have arranged to see the match with their colleagues and friends on the big screen in the hotels. In the corporate houses, arrangements are also being made to watch the game. Besides, many of the family have arranged to watch the game together.

Large TV screens have been installed in different five-star hotels and restaurants, as well as in sensitive areas such as hospitals also. Many people are planning to sit together with family and friends this evening. Many have arranged to get together in the hotels. In addition, special arrangements have been seen in public and private university campuses and halls. Apart from the big screen, special food and drinks will also be arranged.

It is known to the world that Bangladesh is cricket-loving country. Bangladeshis are expecting another exciting match in the final and to become the eyewitnesses of the first-ever win for Bangladesh in a T-20 series.


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