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PM`s 10 instructions to MPs-ministers

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Published on : 12 July 2019, 06:16 PM
PM`s 10 instructions to MPs-ministers
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has warned the MPs in Awami League`s parliamentary committee meeting last night (Thursday). She gave 10 instructions to the ministers and MPs. At that time, she warned them that strict action will be taken against those who disobey these directions. This one-and-a-half-hour-long meeting took place after the parliament session last night. PM`s 10 instructions to the MPs and ministers are:
1. Don`t waste time in secretariat:  Prime Minister barred MP`s unnecessary presence in secretariat and instructed them to stop recruitment trade. She advised MPs not to interfere in ministers` works.
2. Subscription fees should be paid: According to Awami League`s constitution, every MP has to provide Tk 3,000 per month to the parliamentary committee. But most of the MPs did not pay this subscription fees. In particular, no MP from Barishal region has paid the subscription fees. Chief whip Noor-e-Alam Chowdhury attracted the Prime Minister`s attention to this issue. The Prime Minister instructed to clear the fees immediately.
3. Local conflict should be avoided: PM has advised not to get involved in dispute in their respective areas since she got the news that many MPs have been involved in local conflict after assuming power because of groupism. She instructed to stop this immediately.
4. Stop bullying female MPs: There is allegation that elected female MPs of the area have been prevented from doing their duties. After getting such complaint, PM instructed MPs to stop creating hindrance in the activities of the female MPs. 
5. Don`t interrupt in development activities: The Prime Minister is aware of the fact that some MPs are interfering in development activities to get the work for their preferred people in different areas. And because of their interference, development activities in many areas are facing challenges. PM strictly instructed to stop this conduct.
6. Have to be regular in parliament: The Prime Minister gave instructions to the MPs to attend the parliamentary sessions regularly. She also urged them not to spend time in gossiping in parliament.
7. Electing female MP for one term: The Prime Minister has declared in the parliament yesterday that a female leader will get the chance to be a female MP for once. According to Sheikh Hasina, Awami League has many tested, honest and sacrificing leaders and everyone should get a chance. 
8. Ministers will have to leave NAM building: The MPs who didn`t leave the NAM building even after being ministers are instructed to leave the building immediately. She instructed chief whip to prepare a list of those MPs who are occupying the NAM building.
9. Stop interference in local administration: The Prime Minister asked the MPs to stop unnecessary interference in the local administration.
10. Stop lobbying for criminals: MPs often lobby for the criminals to the police administration. The Prime Minister has ordered to stop this immediately.
The Prime Minister clearly stated that those who do not follow these 10 directions will not get nominated next time. Sheikh Hasina also said that she has detail information about the ministers and MPs and their activities, and she knows everything. Therefore, if someone violates these guidelines, then he/she will be responsible for his/her political fall.
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