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17,000 ‘suspects’ identified in AL

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Published on : 11 July 2019, 06:17 PM
17,000 ‘suspects’ identified in AL

A meeting of Awami League central executive committee will be held tomorrow afternoon (Friday). The date of party`s upcoming October council can be finalized in the meeting. Besides the activities of AL leaders and activists will be discussed in the meeting, sources confirmed.

A number of responsible sources of Awami League said that party`s central committee has identified a list of 17,000 leaders and activists associated with different crimes. Disciplinary action will be taken against them. Besides, whether they will be expelled from the party will be discussed in the executive committee meeting. AL created this list based on leaders and activists’ involvement in 5 types of crimes. These include:

1. Those who opposed the boat symbol and worked against party nominated candidates in the upazila elections could be expelled from the party.

2. Those who did not work for Awami League candidates or were active in favor of opposition candidates.

3. Those who are involved in terrorism, violence against women or accused of child abuse, and provided shelter to the criminals convicted in such crimes.

4. Those who have been accused of various anti-social activities and terrorist acts.

5. Those who have been involved with BNP-Jamaat for various interests, and joined Awami League after 2010 from Jamaat-BNP, and active to tarnish party image.

According to the sources, it is seen that a large part of leaders and activists who have joined Awami League after 2010 are actually opportunists. If they fail to get their interests, they do not hesitate to work against the party. An AL organizing secretary said that there has been massive infiltration especially in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. These infiltrators took grassroots AL leadership in several places using their power and money. They have become a curse for the party. That organizing secretary said most of them were affiliated with Jamaat-Shibir. Even relatives of convicted war criminals infiltrated in AL.

Awami League president Sheikh Hasina ordered to identify them back in October last year. And following that order, investigations and surveys have been conducted in AL grassroots to identify such infiltrators. In light of investigations party`s executive committee identified 17000 dangerous suspects who are harmful for Awami League. Party president Sheikh Hasina will decide on what action can be taken against them.

Awami League`s responsible sources said that this list will be given to Sheikh Hasina tomorrow in the executive committee meeting and she will make a final decision in this regard. A responsible source of Awami League said that those who opposed the party in the national and upazila elections will be given show cause notice or serious action will be taken against them. It has been learned that those with whom Jamaat-Shibir`s involvement has been found may be expelled from the party. Awami League even refused to include those who have been accused of involvement with various crimes including women and child abuse in the party in their ongoing member inclusion campaign.


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