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5 challenges ahead of Awami League

Special report
Published on : 05 July 2019, 06:04 PM
5 challenges ahead of Awami League
Awami League government has assumed power for the third consecutive term. However, the party is not in peace like previous times after coming to power. The government is in uncomfortable situation because of many issues. Even after having absolute political authority in the parliament and outside, Awami League has faced embarrassing situation due to various decisions and activities. At this time, the issue of indecision of all except party president Sheikh Hasina is also being discussed in the political arena. The Prime Minister has to make decisions on any issue. And this issue raises anxiety and discomfort among the ordinary people. The ruling party is facing 5 major challenges within six months of coming  to power. And these are:
Rise of gas price: Although Awami League general secretary has termed the rise of gas price as logical but it has a very negative effect on the living standard of the general people. The common people are also expressing their anger over this issue. As a result, it has a negative impact on the government. The Left Democratic Alliance has already called a strike on Sunday and the process is also going to politicize the issue. Not only the opposition parties but also the 14 party alliance`s partners criticized the decision. As a result, the ruling party is facing hug3 criticism. 
Social instability: Recent broad day light murders question the overall law and order situation of the country. The incidents of violence against women under the patronization of law enforcement agencies put Awami League government in an embarrassing situation. Sonagazi`s local Awami League leaders` direct and indirect involvement with Nusrat Jahan Rafi murder case has been found in the report. Law enforcement agency played a questionable role in that case. At the same time, local Awami League and law enforcers played an unexpected role during Rifat`s killing too. Political observers think that these issues have drawn up negative images about the government.
Extra-judicial killings: Rifat`s murderer Nayan Bond was not brought to book as per the law. Rather he was killed in crossfire. It has been seen after several such incidents that the accused are being victims of extrajudicial killing, which is against justice and rule of law, human rights activists think. This issue also brings discomfort for the government. 
Friendless: Awami League has been in power for the third term with grand alliance. Even they secured victory in the second term with the affiliation of the grand alliance. Awami League kept the grand alliance in the last three terms. Even the periphery of the grand alliance has also increased this year. The inclusion of Bikalpa Dhara into the grand alliance was a big surprise. But soon after the election, AL adopted the policy of walking alone and had not included the allies in the cabinet. AL is not in good terms with the allies which has become an open secret of this party. The allies are criticizing AL from budget session in open places. Even the meetings of the 14-party alliances are becoming meaningless. As a result, AL is becoming friendless day by day which is the major discomfort for the party.
Corruption: Some major incidents of corruption have taken place during the third phase of the government, such as pillow-controversy, corruption case involving DIG Mizan and ACC etc. These scandals have created enough pressure on the government. Government has repeatedly mentioned about ‘zero tolerance’ towards corruption in the election manifesto. However, question rises regarding government’s success to curb corruption.
Besides, government’s dependence on PM only has become very visible in these six months. Government’s sufferings from indecision have come up as the biggest limitation in the meantime. If AL fails to overcome these limitations, the opponents will take over the power in the future, believe the experts.
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