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`DCs want freedom from political influence`

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Published on : 04 July 2019, 06:19 PM
`DCs want freedom from political influence`

Deputy commissioner`s conference will begin on 17th July. It is the first meeting of the Prime Minister with the field level administrators after Awami League assumed the power for the third consecutive term. Several responsible sources confirmed that the Prime Minister will announce her firm position on three issues in the conference. According to the cabinet sources, PM will convey a strong message on her decision-making position that time. There will be instruction to the deputy commissioners to strictly suppress recent growing oppression against women and social instability. Besides, it will also be instructed to implement government`s zero tolerance policy against drug and corruption at the field level. The sources said that in the upazila elections many officers of the field administration have been accused of being politically motivated and affiliated. From now on, the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will instruct the field administration to be neutral, accountable and people friendly.

Many responsible sources say that many people blame the inaction of field administration for the recent unrest in several areas. They think that these events are increasing due to the apathy, lack of surveillance and awareness of the field administration. The Prime Minister will instruct the administration to be more stringent in this regard. However, the administrative sources said that the deputy commissioners will also convey their messages in the conference.

There was a time when the deputy commissioners were the head of the district. But the situation has changed now. Due to decentralization of power, the position of the deputy commissioners is now below the district sessions judges. Even the district police chiefs do not follow them. Because of which the DCs cannot play a role in the law and order situation even if they want. That`s why the deputy commissioners will seek full authority. It has been said on their behalf that they have passed most of their time giving protocol to the ministers and MPs. They have to respond to many unjust demands of the MPs. They have to face unnecessary penalty if they do not follow the demand of the MPs. In this reality, permission will be sought so that they can continuously work to implement the election manifesto without any imposed pressure. Multiple sources said that several MPs tried to interfere in DCs activities after the 30th December election. This issue will be discussed in this conference. However, sources of the cabinet division sais that the government wants to build the district administration as a fair and effective institution. PM will provide appropriate instructions in this regard.


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