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Corruption and Anju Ghosh

Sayedul Arefin
Published on : 11 June 2019, 06:12 PM
Corruption and Anju Ghosh

Bangladesh, the largest delta with enormous fertile land and the abundance of natural resources, enchanted many outsiders over a long time. Agriculture, handicrafts made undivided India a claimant of world’s 25% GDP in the 1700`s. That is why this region has become a target of foreign invaders throughout the ages.

We have been witnessing the variety of incidents happening in the regime of Sheikh Hasina.  Our achievements are not less from those who used to criticize us terming `bottomless basket` or `corrupt country`. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina received the UN`s Champions of the Earth award in 2015 for her far-reaching initiatives to address climate change, ITU (International Telecom Union) Award for special contribution in the formation and development of information technology, WIP (Women in Parliament) award for playing a leading role in reducing gender discrimination in politics in South and Southeast Asian countries. In recognition of continuous support for the development of Bangladesh`s agriculture, for achieving sufficiency in food production and for the development of science and technology, Sheikh Hasina has been awarded by the Cornell University of the US in 2015.

Besides, Peace Tree Award in 2014, South-South Award-2013, and Manthan Award, Diploma Award, Global Diversity Award-2011, UN MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) Award in 2010 added new father in the crown of her success.

During Sheikh Hasina`s regime in the last 10 years, unprecedented progress has been made in every sector of Bangladesh. The average per capita income of the people has increased by 149 percent. Bangladesh has been ahead of its neighbors in terms of education rate, life expectancy rate, child mortality rate, safe drinking water, sanitation system, etc. But sadly, along with the work of various development projects, corruption has also increased rapidly.

Bengali actress Anju Ghosh, in an interview with Ekushey Television in 2018, claimed that she was born in Bhanga upazila in Faridpur in 1956 and moved to Chittagong with her family before the Great Liberation War. There she completed her study in Krishnakumari Girls’ High School. Meanwhile, there is another news that she has joined BJP on June 5, 2019. BJP is demanding that she is Indian by birth and also an Indian passport holder. West Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh released her birth certificate issued by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation in 2003. According to the certificate, she was born as Anju Ghosh to Sudhanya Ghosh and Binapani Ghosh on 17 September 1966 in East End Nursing Home, Kolkata. Bangladeshi people can easily understand that there must be something fishy there. In the same way dodging is found in the issues like increasing bad loans, getting the release even after committing the crime, spreading rumors, influencing social media, writing books with distorted information and many more.

Among the worldwide anarchy, Bangladesh’s Prime minister along with a few followers is curbing militancy and terrorism, conducting operations against drug trades, which is upsetting the national and international human rights organizations. Sheikh Hasina has now taken the initiative to curb corruption to bring back a healthy environment in the banking sector. She will succeed in this case too as she has done always. So, let’s not make chaos anymore and help our government to achieve the goal for our country’s welfare. This country is ours; the government is for all of us. The country’s failure will be our failure.  We will suffer for that. Let’s mark persons like Anju Ghosh and boycott them for our own interest. Let’s not forget that Bangladesh does not cultivate bitter gourd only; this country is rich with mangoes also.


Translated from the original write-up by Sayedul Arefin

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