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Bidisha’s surprise in Eid!

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Published on : 15 May 2019, 05:26 PM
Bidisha’s surprise in Eid!

Bidisha Siddique will appear with a big surprise in the upcoming Eid al-Fitr. She will be present at Eid programs on country`s two channels. News based channels DBC and Ekattor TV will broadcast Bidisha`s lifestyle that will also include several contemporary issues.

Bidisha Siddiqui has reputation of being a fashion-conscious personality. She also has academic knowledge on this topic. Fashion is one of her most important passions. Bidisha will highlight her life story and future plans in those programs. This genius belle has become a topic of discussion in Ershad`s JP recently. Since Bidisha is the ex-wife of former President and JP chairman HM Ershad, many of the grassroots leaders of JP want her involvement in party activities. Bidisha also showed her interest in giving time to politics apart from her business and social works.

Bidisha told Bangla Insider that she would think of something new after Eid. According to her, she would add new things in her plan considering the future of her son Eric and adopted daughter Maya.


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