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What is the number of AL activists?

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Published on : 19 April 2019, 05:59 PM
What is the number of AL activists?
Country`s ruling party Awami League is getting digital. Party`s President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave instruction to start the work of creating a database of the leaders and activists. This database is being created in order to stop the infiltrators and opportunists from entering into the party. Leaders of every unit have been asked to send a complete list of the activists. Leading leaders of Awami League said that initiatives have been taken to prepare the list of the leaders and workers of the associate bodies also.
Responsible sources of Awami League said that the Prime Minister has been upset after the involvement of local Awami League leaders has been found in Nusrat Jahan Rafi`s murder case. After that incident, Awami League President`s wanted to know the exact number of party activists to the organizing secretaries of the party. No organizing secretary could answer it. However, according to Awami League`s constitution, if someone wants to get the membership of the party, then he/she has to pay a certain amount of money as fees and fill out a form. But members list is not centrally controlled or stored. As a result, it is seen that whenever anybody commits any crime, the media tags him/her as Awami League activist. An Awami League leader said, “The criminals always want to use Awami League`s name since it can manage some favor in police case." He said, "It is true that some opportunists have been using party`s name for their own interest."
However, AL`s joint general secretary Jahangir Kabir Nanak said, "Since January, the administrative membership of Awami League has been stopped." He said, after finalizing some basic qualifications and conditions, new activists will be collected. Another Awami League leader said, "There was no scrutiny while collecting local Awami League leaders earlier. Anyone had the chance to get themselves included in the party. And this resulted in a huge number of BNP, Jamaat and opportunists` entrance in the party since 2010. They are controlling the grassroots Awami League in several areas.” That is why Awami League has taken initiatives to collect information from all the activists again. It is known that the listing will be completed before October. Some important information is being taken about the local leaders, general members of the party where some questions such as their joining period, occupation, past political ideology, family background will be included.
Awami League leaders said that after being in power for a long time, such a list is very important to protect the image of the party. As a result, the tendency of accusing AL activist with any kind of criminal activity will reduce. It will also help to bring the actual criminals under punishment regardless his/her political identity. Sources said, PM and AL President herself is working on this issue. When it is done, the exact number of Awami league activists will get published.
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