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Toxic image of social media

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Published on : 22 March 2018, 07:56 PM
Toxic image of social media
The social media is indeed an addiction. It brings about tragic change for both mental and physical health. Now-a-days everyone is a social media addict. 

Before Facebook, twitter, Instagram and other highly used social media outlets came, there have been other forms of media such as television, magazines, and advertisements that were directed at making the "perfect woman". It turns out that this perfect woman is not attainable and cannot be fulfilled. Increased research has shown many women are suffering from ‘objectification’, ‘depression, and ‘dehumanization’. Teens especially suffer from magazines and advertisements. 

The most troubling thing about this statistic is that 82% of women feel as though they need to lose weight. Only those women in the magazines and advertisements can be that weight because they were either born that way or were "photoshopped" to look that way. Most female teens seem to think that to be beautiful you have to look like the supermodel in the magazine or the celebrity in a movie. 

When women are in their 30`s and 40`s they feel even more depressed about their self-image. Television shows and movies rarely show older women because the companies have disregarded them as beautiful and then hired younger and better looking women.
The fact that social media Moghuls like Facebook are making billions of dollars advertising about beauty care products and latest fashion trends is also alarming. The aspiration of women is heightened because of the competitiveness that is being placed naked on our screens. We know who is buying what, who is wearing which dress, and who is dining at the best restaurants of the city. People are made to become desperate to fulfill the social media norms. They are made to portray the best of themselves which reaches a new high each and every day. At the end, these media Moghuls fill out their pockets preying on the minds of the acquitted users who hang between the ends of neither being able to quit, nor being able to accomplish the so-called standard.