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Polls to decide grassroots leaderships

Published on : 25 June 2019, 12:05 PM
Polls to decide grassroots leaderships

Awami League’s leadership will be decided through election. The party has taken preparations for the next council, scheduled be held in October. Already AL has started the local level conference of its associate organizations. District level conference will begin from next month. Awami League president and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given some strict instructions regarding the conferences. Among them, the main concern is grassroots leaderships; no decision or pressure will be imposed on them, rather the leadership will be decided through election. 

Meanwhile, district level conferences that are organized by Awami Jubo League are also being held through election. There the councilors are choosing their favorite leaders with the power of suffrage. AL is always on the side of democratic policy. Al president has given strict instruction regarding the matter. 

It is a common scenario of the country that the district or upazila level elections are controlled by the local MPs, ministers and influential leaders. Only their selected candidates are given the responsibility of the council leaders, which facilitates them forming a pocket committee. Then the pocket committee corners the sacrificing active candidates and hampers the party activities. Moreover, the situation gives birth to political arbitrariness. After staying in power for a long time, this trend is much more visible in the party. Therefore, this time AL is against this practice and president herself is monitoring the issue. 

According to the sources, the elections will be arranged to establish democracy in the regional leadership. Al president has given strict instruction to make the elections influence-free. The elections that are already held at the local level of the organizational arrangements are being through voting system. Although primarily, agitation and tension had been seen among the MPs-ministers, the councilors are handling the situation witfully and the dedicated, sacrificing leaders are being chosen. 

According to the sources, if AL leaderships are chosen countrywide through this type of election, the opportunists, hybrid and unwanted activists will be easily cornered. The actual Awami Leaguers will rule the party. On top of that, those who have been involved with BCL and Jubo League for a long time with a hope to achieve AL leadership, will be given chance in this manner. AL leaders hope that AL will emerge with a new face through the conferences.  


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