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Quader as Sheikh Hasina’s Amit Shah?

Published on : 15 June 2019, 08:12 PM
Quader as Sheikh Hasina’s Amit Shah?

Awami League will have its next council in October. Although the session for the council has not been started, many of the AL leaders have confirmed that the council will be held exactly as per the due date and it will be a formal program. AL has been following the tradition of arranging councils every two years since 2009. Sources have confirmed that the programs of the council will start from June 23, the day of AL’s founding anniversary. According to an organizing secretary, the preparation has already been started. Organizational activities have already started in the areas where elections will be held to form new committees.  It is hoped that by next September, all district level activities and new committee formation process would be done. Two most important concerns of this council are: If AL president will resign from her responsibility and secondly, who will be assigned with the responsibility of the secretary general.  Although, AL president has expressed her unwillingness several times to continue with the party’s responsibility, it is believed that she would take over the charge of the council for the last time, since AL is going to reach two important milestones. One is--100th birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation and 50th anniversary of the independence of Bangladesh. Therefore, there is no chance of leaving responsibility as the AL president for the Prime Minister. 

On the other hand, the question raised about Obaidul Quader`s position as the general secretary of Awami League has become stronger after his illness and bypass surgery. The question arises whether he will be able to fulfill the ministerial and party`s responsibility simultaneously after such ailment. But Quader gradually returns to his form and performs his duties as before. He has Awami League president`s full confidence. He is still accepting the suggestions and instructions of the Prime Minister as before and is motivating the party`s leaders. He is taking care of the organizational activities of the party like before. It is possible to ensure that the post of Awami League general secretary is not changing if nothing dramatic takes place in this reality.

Awami League President, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that after her stepping down from party`s president post, the grassroots will determine the leadership. AL leaders and activists will choose their future leader. In her private conversation with close friends, Sheikh Hasina has made it clear that she is not in favor of bringing her offspring or any relative in party president post and she will not do this. Rather it has been seen that Obaidul Quader has been given several responsibilities in the second innings. In this context, many asked that is AL president is building party general secretary like Amit Shah? Is Obaidul Quader going to have AL`s future leadership? The reason for raising of such a question is that Awami League president feels that party leaders should choose leadership from their spontaneous interest. As she came to politics in a particular situation, her family members must follow that way. She does not want to bring her son in politics like India`s Congress or follow BNP`s path. So, the question is raising about the next leader if this is the last tenure of Hasina and if she quits from the politics, though it is a matter of a long time. Many things can change in that time. But from the last council till the time of this council, it was clear that Obaidul Quader must have emerged as the second person of Awami League. There is no visible leader in Awami League after Sheikh Hasina who could be established as an important person in the party and the government. From this point of view, many questions have been raised, such as, is Sheikh Hasina preparing Obaidul Quader as her heir? Will Bangladesh politics witness India`s Narendra Modi and Amit Shah’s kind of bond? Will Obaidul Quader emerge as Bangladesh`s Amit Shah? We have to wait a few more days to get the answer to this question.


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