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5 issues leading Fakhrul to face BNP’s grudge in SC meeting?

Published on : 15 June 2019, 04:21 PM
5 issues leading Fakhrul to face BNP’s grudge in SC meeting?

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir is going to step on the fire as BNP has held grudge against him for a long period of 5 months. Other members of BNP’s standing-committee may be vocal against the secretary general.

As it is seen that BNP has not had any meeting for the last 5 months, the party is going to have one today (Saturday) afternoon which will seek explanation from Mirza Fakhrul for his uncertain decisions.

After the December 30 election, Mirza Fakhrul is running the party under his sole leadership. However, he claims that the core decisions are coming from the party`s acting chairman Tarique Zia. According to the other party leaders, his continuous wrong decisions are affecting the party severely. The issues standing committee members have decided to raise today are:

1. How could the five MP-elects and the female MPfrom the reserved constituency take oath without discussing the issue with the party? How logical was the decision?

2. Why is BNP participating in the by-election of Bogra despite Begum Zia’s disagreement and objection. Who has given the instruction?

3. Mirza Fakhrul may face grudge regarding Oikya Front’s necessity. Oikya Front was an election-centric coalition. The leaders will ask if Oikya Front is necessary after the election and Dr. Kamal Hossain’s position is against BNP’s policy and ideology.

4. Why is BNP still keeping silence about Begum Zia’s release? Is there any specific action plan and if yes, then why has it not been disclosed before the standing-committee yet? 

5. Why is 20-party alliance remaining inactive day by day? What step can BNP take now as the allies are leaving the coalition?

These are the five issue that can corner Mirza Fakhrul in the standing committee meeting.


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