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5 reasons for BJP to stand by AL

Published on : 15 June 2019, 01:41 PM
5 reasons for BJP to stand by AL
BJP government led by Narendra Modi has come to power of India for the second term. At present many people are interested in the future bilateral relationship between Bangladesh and India. Immediately after coming to power, new Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar has focused on the re-evaluation and rearrangement of India’s foreign policy. Many reputable Indian media have confirmed that the rearrangement includes the draft of India’s tactics with Bangladesh. 
The tactics include the details of how India-Bangladesh relation will develop in the upcoming days; for example, what kind of relation India will have with Bangladesh’s political parties, if India is going to support the current Bangladesh government or of there will be a gap between the countries etc. However, according to the sources, BJP government has preferred to make a headway with the Awami League-led government. Five reasons are working behind this decision of BJP. Besides, BJP also believes that AL’s role has no alternative to maintain peace and stability in the country by curbing militancy and terrorism. Therefore, Modi government wants to make an advancement in India-Bangladesh relations by making it stronger. The five reasons for BJP to take AL’s side include:
Sheikh Hasina’s leadership:
All the political parties of India admire Sheikh Hasina for her leadership, pragmatism and prudence. She is honored as the daughter of the Father of the Nation in India. Bangladesh is making advancement in all sectors under Sheikh Hasina’s leadership and that is why India-Bangladesh relationship will embrace a new dimension. BJP will be with AL as long as Sheikh Hasina remains in power. 
Awami League’s secular view:
Both Bangladesh and India government share the same secular political ideal. AL believes in the ethnicity and good relationship among people regardless of religions and castes. Because of this secular ideology of Awami League, BJP government thinks that there is no alternative of AL to protect the interests of minorities in Bangladesh.
Awami League`s strong position against militancy and terrorism:
Awami League has adopted zero tolerance policy against terrorism and militancy in the last ten years, which is almost identical with the principle of India. The BJP government has mentioned in their tactics that both of the countries are playing an important role in creating peace and order in the subcontinent. Since AL has progressed with zero tolerance policy on terrorism and militancy, BJP finds AL prevalent in Bangladesh politics. 
Awami League’s sincerity to resolve problems and loyalty:
The BJP government has mentioned their experience of past 5 years and said that the AL government is sincere and trustworthy to solve the problems. They work sincerely to resolve problems understanding the geopolitical perspectives and Indian political facts. They never have polluted the diplomatic relationship between both countries. AL government is sincere and compromising. 
Anti-Pakistan ideology: 
AL holds anti-Pakistan policy in politics which is a positive fact for BJP. India believes that because of anti-Pakistan position of AL, the region is gradually getting free from terrorism. That is why, AL has no alternative in Bangladesh as BJP thinks. 
Due to these 5 reasons India has contributed in making peace and stability in this sub-continent, keeping a good relationship with AL. 
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