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Rowshan is Bidisha’s obstacle

Published on : 13 June 2019, 02:08 PM
Rowshan is Bidisha’s obstacle

Begum Rowshan Ershad, spouse of Jatiya Party’s chairman Hussain Muhammad Ershad, who has served as the leader of the opposition in the Parliament, has become the main obstacle on Ershad’s ex-wife Bidisha Siddique’s return to JP.

According to several sources, Ershad suspended Bidisha temporarily from the advisor’s post of the party after their divorce. Since the suspension was not permanent, Bidisha was in a hanging state. After Ershad fell sick severely, Bidisha had raised discussion again. She expressed her intention to join JP again in the media briefing. Grassroots are on her favor in this decision. But Begum Rowshan Ershad did not take the issue easily and wants to prevent Bidisha from joining to JP.

According to sources, many JP leaders want to welcome Bidisha in the party. Even, some leaders close to Ershad are lobbying to get her back. However, JP’s acting chairman GM Quader has remained silent regarding the whole matter. After Eid, Begum Rowshan Ershad called the senior presidium members to know about Bidisha issue. She asked, “Why are you sitting quietly? The matter shouldn’t go much far:” Her instruction has created incitement among several leaders. Bidisha is being watched closely after that incident. However, Bidisha seems to be remaining indifferent in this matter. She said, “It doesn’t depend on whoever is wishing or not. Time will decide the future leader of JP.” Regarding their son Eric Ershad, she said, “Eric will take the decision one day!” JP’s secretary general Mashiur Rahaman Ranga’s cell phone was found switched off while contacted to know the further details.



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