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Things Sheikh Hasina never does

Published on : 12 June 2019, 12:15 PM
Things Sheikh Hasina never does

According to political analysts, 11th June is Sheikh Hasina’s day of resurgence. She took a rebirth on this day after getting released from jail. Through this day Bangladesh has found a new Sheikh Hasina, the statesman of this country. Besides, 11th August of 2014 is also regarded as Sheikh Hasina’s resurgence day, although she was targeted to be killed. After that, in 2007, the minus formula was applied which was another attempt to kill her politically. However, each of the attempts and planning has failed. Question rises, why do the conspirators fail every time? And, how does Sheikh Hasina manage to have the unfavorable situation? Political analysts have said that Sheikh Hasina never does 5 tasks for which the conspiracies get failed. 11th June is another victory day for Sheikh Hasina in the political arena. Let’s take a look at the 5 tasks Sheikh Hasina never does:

Financial irregularities or corruption:

Sheikh Hasina has been Prime Minister for four times in her long political life of 38 years. Among these years she has never got involved with financial corruption. Even she was never involved in nomination trade like many political party leaders where a fund goes to party chief’s account through the distribution process of posts between the activists. During 1/11, the army-backed government tried a lot to trap her with financial corruption but they failed. It was surprising for them too when investigation proved Sheikh Hasina clean from financial corruption. When Brigadier Amin and Bari went to meet her in the prison, they said, ‘Your financial record is completely clean’. That is why Sheikh Hasina can fight back danger every time and has become a transparent, straightforward leader, believe the political analysts.

False assertion:

There is a firm belief among people that politics means a lure to deceive people giving false assurances. But Sheikh Hasina is an exception in this case. She never gave false assurance to anyone in her long political career. Generally false assurances are given regarding nomination. But Sheikh Hasina has no record of deceiving anyone regarding the nomination. She always asks the intending candidates to work with dedication to get the nomination. She never gives hope to the candidates and later refuses. In this case Sheikh Hasina is very clear in her political life.

No compromise with ideology:

Sheikh Hasina never compromises with her ethics and ideology. Since her return on May 17, 1981, she has been blaming Ziaur Rahman for being involved in Bangabandhu’s assassination. She also blames BNP as the allies of anti-liberation forces. She has identified the war criminals, anti-liberation forces just after her return to the country which was unimaginable in that situation. Many have suggested her compromising with the then ruling force to survive in the political field. But she did not pay heed to that suggestion and proved herself becoming a stronger leader before the nation. Her uncompromising manner is the most positive side of her political career.

No compromise on the question of national interest:

In the third world it is very common among the political leaders to sell their country’s interest to satisfy personal interest. BNP-Jamaat has come to power in 2001 with this mentality. But Sheikh Hasina never compromises on the issue of the country which is her positive side.

She never forgets those who help her:

Sheikh Hasina is always grateful to those people who have helped her, no matter how little that may be. She always gives her best to give them back they deserve.

These are the features of Sheikh Hasina which she has obtained from her family. To save the grassroots leaders, she can put her life at stake. These 5 features have made Sheikh Hasina immortal in Bangladesh’s politics.


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