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BNP recognizing Father of the Nation

Published on : 27 May 2019, 02:07 PM
BNP recognizing Father of the Nation
Finally, BNP is giving recognition to Bangabandhu as the Father of the Nation. It has been known that in the next parliament session scheduled to be held from June 11, some BNP MPs will address Bangabandhu as the Father of the Nation for the first time in history. BNP sources have confirmed that the decision has been taken as per Tarique Zia`s instruction. However, the elected 5 MPs have kept their mouth shut regarding the matter. Through this recognition there will be a healthy and balanced atmosphere in politics.
BNP as the political party was established through the denial of the Father of the Nation and the entente with Bangabandhu`s murderers. They made their debut with the cooperation of anti-liberation forces and the 75`s murderers. BNP denied the Father of the Nation to unite the opposition parties` votes against AL as well as declared Ziaur Rahman as the herald of independence by distorting history. Also, Begum Zia claimed that the National Mourning Day on August 15 is her birthday and started celebrating it which resulted in creating political division. 
In the election of 2008, AL achieved landslide victory. In that election, for the first time, AL pledged to bring the war criminals under justice. For that reason, AL achieved the overwhelming victory bagging three-fourth of the seats. From then the trial of the war criminals started. A national consensus is established with the view of uniting the country with the spirit of the Great Liberation War, trial of war criminals and the recognition of the Father of the Nation.
Through this situation, a united voice has been raised in the light of the Great Liberation War demanding the consensus of the political parties on basic national questions. There can be difference in the political opinion but none can deny the basic national questions such as the Great Liberation War, Bangladesh, and the Father of the Nation. 
Khaleda Zia was convicted in Zia Charitable Trust corruption case on February 7 of last year. Since then, BNP has been demanding for a healthy political environment rather than the politics of vengeance. They started demanding democratic culture in Bangladesh. But BNP did not realize that this will bring adverse outcome. The diplomats reviewing the whole matter sat individually with AL, BNP and the civil society. The discussions made it clear to the diplomats that the root of the political dispute is August 15 of 1975. Therefore, an agreement is needed between the political parties to resolve the dispute and practice concomitance in the political field. In that context, the 10-point recommendation was given. The first step of implementing that recommendation will be visible in Parliament. Any of the BNP`s MPs will recognize the Father of the Nation for the first time in the parliament.
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