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AL-BNP’s 10-point compromise proposal

Published on : 24 May 2019, 07:25 PM
AL-BNP’s 10-point compromise proposal
With the proposal of reforming 10 fundamental issues including recognizing the Father of the Nation, commotion has arisen within BNP. Jatiya Oikya Front convener Dr Kamal Hossain has given the proposal of a 10-point reformation to make BNP ‘eligible’ for political concomitance and democratic principles of the policy. The proposal was sent to the acting chairman of BNP. Dr Kamal believes that the proposal will help BNP in many ways including Begum Zia’s release, Tarique Zia’s homecoming and political concomitance. According to the sources, the law expert also said that without any consensus on fundamental national issues, politics of vengeance will not stop in Bangladesh. The practice of democracy will have no place amidst this vengeance. The ruling party will never accept their loss. In order to remain in power, the government will use the state-owned organizations for the sake of party interests, the employees of the republic will be made compliant to the party. Considering these uncertainties, the Oikya Front leader thinks that AL and BNP have to sigh an agreement. According to several sources, the proposal has been handed over to Kamal Hossain. He will settle the issue between two parties based on mutual concession. Let’s take a look on the issues included in the proposal:
1. BNP will recognize the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu as the undisputed leader of Bangladesh and it will be mentioned in the constitution.
2. There will be no mention of the herald of the independence or anything like that. The founder of BNP will be recognized as a sector commander and a brave freedom fighter.
3. No one will comment negatively about any late leader.
4. BNP will not have any relation with anti-liberation activists or war criminals. Besides, the party will believe in the spirit of liberation war as well as implement. 
5. BNP will formally apologize for the grenade attack on August 21 expressing their grief over the issue. 
6. BNP will not allow the descendants of war criminals to be the leaders.
7. No party will tolerate terrorism, militancy and separatism.
8. As part of the political negotiation, the government will withdraw all cases against Begum Zia and Tarique Zia. Begum Zia will be released and Tarique Zia will return home.
9. With mutual co-operation in politics, both parties will work for the country`s welfare.
10. Not the caretaker government system, both parties will work to enhance the efficiency of the state institutions, including the Election Commission.
According to the sources, before the election of December 30, the work of this negotiation proposal was under process. As a part of this agreement BNP has participated in the election and took oath in the parliament. The organizers of this proposal said that if the conflicts and vengeance do not stop between the parties, the development of Bangladesh will stumble. 
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