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Modi’s victory makes us recall BNP’s activities

Published on : 24 May 2019, 12:51 PM
Modi’s victory makes us recall BNP’s activities
Narendra Modi bagged a landslide victory in India’s elections. As a neighboring country Bangladesh has to keep an eye on India’s politics. In the last elections, BNP had some hope towards BJP that Awami League might not be privileged by BJP since AL holds a historic relationship with Congress. That time BNP thought that the fact can benefit them. But in the end, they were disappointed. For that reason, BNP has no interest in celebrating BJP’s victory this time. They finished their responsibility by greeting Modi only.
In the last five years the bilateral relationship between AL and Modi has improved a lot due to Sheikh Hasina and Modi’s cooperation. Even BNP leaders think that they could not secure a good relationship with BJP in these five years. Therefore, BNP does not bother much with BJP’s victory since the outcome will not benefit them. 
There is a funny fact about BNP-BJP relationship. During the movement of 2015, when BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia was confined in Gulshan office, a news had been published on behalf of BNP that BJP president Amit Shah has contacted Begum Zia to inquire about her condition. Two days later, Amit Shah denied the fact. The situation was really embarrassing for BNP. 
Last time, before the formal announcement of BJP’s triumph, BNP sent their formal greetings to Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah. Diplomat Shamser Mobin Chowdhury as BNP’s representative went to the high commission of India in Dhaka with Begum Zia’s message. 
However, this time BNP has done nothing of that sort. 
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