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10 reasons behind Tarique’s failure in politics

Published on : 22 May 2019, 07:17 PM
10 reasons behind Tarique’s failure in politics

After 2001, Tarique Zia was a name hugely discussed in politics. Some have predicted him to be the future prime minister of the country. During the time of Tarique Zia’s absolute dominance, some of the political researchers and opposition parties had seen the future related to the consequences he is bearing today. Some also had predicted BNP’s destruction at the hand of Tarique Zia. They have mentioned about several factors which Tarique Zia lacks, and for those reasons he would never be a great leader. From 2001 to 2006, there were several shortcomings of Tarique Zia which were discussed in the political arena. Ten of them are discussed below:

1. Lack of education: In this era, education is important for politics. Education does not mean to be just institution based. Apart from texts there are other books, political articles and many other things. Tarique Zia is not educated enough and he is not interested in other studies.

2. Not acknowledging ignorance: Tarique Zia thinks of him as jack of all trades. He says that he knows everything while being unaware of the fact. Because of this, no one gives any information to Tarique Zia at ease. His political upheaval was not possible because of this extreme nature.

3. Avarice: Tarique Zia has tremendous greed for riches. He can do anything for money. Avarice created another barrier for him.

4. Blind love for friends: When Tarek Zia was at the peak of power, some within BNP said that the friends would pull Tarique down. Tarique is blind about his friends. According to some BNP leaders, Tarique Zia’s friends have committed the crimes like corruption and plunder but it is Tarique only who got the blame. His love for friends is responsible behind his misery now.

5. Bad Company: Tarique Zia usually has the company of some unworthy and immoral persons. They used to provide him false information and entertain him with adulation. Deeply influenced by those felonious characters, Tarique could not take any healthy political decision.

6. Respect for Seniors: The lack of modesty is a bad characteristic of Tarique Zia. Many senior leaders of the party have been humiliated by him. Some of them warned Tarique by saying that none can be a good leader by insulting the seniors.

7. Not recognizing the right people: Misunderstanding or not recognizing the right person is a major failure of the politicians. In his political life, Tarique Zia could not identify the right persons. Many BNP leaders think that he put himself in danger placing the wrong persons in some important positions. They present the example of general Moeen U Ahmed to prove this allegation. He was appointed as the 12th chief of army staff exceeding 7 persons.

8. Lack of ideal: Tarique Zia considers politics as trickery and cheating. He did not come to politics keeping any ideology. That is why no ideology can be expected from him in politics. That is why he can sell himself to India to assume power. Even he didn`t hesitate to annihilate his opposition by the gruesome attack.

9. Liar: Many people who have worked with Tarique in BNP say that Tarique is a bluffer. He hardly speaks the truth in any political discussion. Such a liar can never be successful in politics.

10. Body structure: Tarique Zia`s body structure is not appropriate to be a leader. Many think, his personality does not suit to be a leader.

For these reasons, Tarique Zia is unsuccessful in politics and has an uncertain future.

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