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Sheikh Hasina`s roadmap for retirement

Published on : 22 May 2019, 06:16 PM
Sheikh Hasina`s roadmap for retirement

As the day goes on, Awami League president`s position over retirement is getting stronger. Whenever she gets the opportunity, she conveys the message of her retirement to AL leaders and activists. During PM`s homecoming day on 17 May, she said the leaders and activists, "Performing the responsibility as the president of Awami League for a long time is redundancy."

Discussing with some Awami League leaders who have met with PM recently, it has been learned that PM has not only announced about her retirement only but also prepared a roadmap of her retirement. According to that roadmap;

1) PM Sheikh Hasina will not participate in the parliamentary elections that will be held in 2023. As a result, the current Prime Minister will not be in the government or in opposition to be formed by that election. She already said that this would be her last term as the prime minister.

2) She may remain as the AL president until the end of the council held in October. The only reason for this is celebrating the 100th birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation and celebrating the silver jubilee of Bangladesh`s independence. Party leaders and activists will not accept Sheikh Hasina stepping down from the post of party president before that. That`s why Sheikh Hasina is in favor of arranging the council this year so that another council can be arranged before the 2023 election. She has made up her mind to withdraw from that council. Sheikh Hasina said a party leader, "It seems you will not leave me this time, but will not get me next time either."

3) In addition, to take retirement PM Hasina decided not to nominate anyone as her legacy. Awami League president has clarified to many leaders of the party that AL is a democratic political party. So why should I select the next leader? It entirely depends on party activists. They will choose their next leader following their will and expectation. PM Sheikh Hasina has no interest following the family trend like the way Begum Zia made her son Tarique Zia party`s decision maker. PM doesn`t think about bringing her children, siblings and other relatives into AL leadership. She will neither encourage them nor discourage them. She wants the practice of democracy regarding AL’s leadership.

The Prime Minister, however, told some leaders that no member from Bangabandhu`s family will lead AL after her. Rather they will work for the party if needed. However, as AL is obsolete without Sheikh Hasina, likewise, the party`s integrity without the leadership of Bangabandhu`s progeny is quite impossible.


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