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Difficult time for cadre politics

Published on : 22 May 2019, 02:14 PM
Difficult time for cadre politics

In the last 10 years, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has brought many quality changes in the country`s politics. One of them is the retirement of armed cadres from politics. In the last 10 years the cadres of different political parties are facing hard times. The political fields have become free of cadres and musclemen. During Ayub regime there were Khoka-Pach-Pattur. After the Great Liberation War there was the event of seven-murder by Shafiul Alam Prodhan as well as Jasad GonoBahini (JGB), which shows the influence of cadre politics. It is said that Ziaur Rahman had taken many talented youths to river voyage. The ship named "Hizbul Bahar" was used to train those youths as cadres. Zia’s BNP was depended on cadres. Among them Golam Faruk Ovi, Sanaulhoque Niru became very popular for their crimes. Awami League also appointed cadres to ensure their place in political field. Hemayet Ullah Auranga, Liaquat, Hannan and many other cadres have worked for AL. Joynal Hazari came to the discussion just through cadre politics. From the fight for power to defeating political opponents, in movements and strikes, everywhere the political parties used to appoint cadres. Then, the situation came, when the cadres started demanding political posts which included even the post of ministers. The top leaders had fear of existential crisis in political field without the cadres. For this reason, the leaders started rearing cadres. Many of them became heroes to the eyes of youths at that time. Golam Faruk Ovi is a good example in this regard. There are several rumors regarding this cadre. Though he emerged from Chatra Dal, he joined JP later. He became the MP too. At that time, a situation arose in Bangladesh, where it was compulsory for the political leaders to do politics after indulging the demands of the cadres first. That is why Joynal Hazari was made an MP of AL. The situation changed after Sheikh Hasina had taken the power in 2009. Slowly the violent, armed cadres were dropped out from politics and the meritorious, educated youths have been chosen since then. Mashrafe has taken the place of Auranga, Liaquat etc. Sheikh Hasina`s discretion is here. Secretly, she started sending the cadres into exile. Now the cadres face difficulties in politics. When the ruling party had excluded the cadres, it became easy to suppress the cadres of other political parties. Some of them escaped, some could not and some were taken to jail. In this way, politics became free from armed cadres or musclemen. Have we noticed this silent transition?


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