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BNP seeing result of its own vengeance

Published on : 21 May 2019, 11:47 AM
BNP seeing result of its own vengeance

May 20, 1981. After returning to the country, Sheikh Hasina could not wait any longer to get her home at Dhanmondi 32. She appealed to then government to open the house for her and help her get the inheritance of that house. On the next day after her return, Sheikh Hasina went to visit her house. But the government appointed security guards did not let her enter (Source: Daily Songbad, May 19). Henceforth,AL president sat in front of the main gate of Bangabandhu Bhaban and asked her prayer as well as arranged Mehfil-e-Milad. Nevertheless, the police did not let her and accompanying AL followers enter into that home. Moreover, they arrested 76 activists. Expressing grief over that situation Sheikh Hasina conveyed an emotional speech on May 19, saying, ‘I am not allowed to enter into that house which brought me up, where my father was killed; what type of punishment is this? One day, this heinous act will be brought under justice.’

On May 20, an official petition was filed to the home ministry to get Sheikh Hasina’s inheritance of her ancestral home. In this petition, Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana were mentioned as the sole inheritors of the property after describing about the hellish incident of August 15 in 1975. But in Ziaur Rahman’s lifetime, the appeal was never granted. On May 30, Ziaur Rahman was killed in a military coup in Chittagong. After his death, a little investigation took place in home ministry which clearly showed that Ziaur Rahman had written ‘No’ on top of the file. President Abdus Sattar took over the power after Ziaur Rahman’s death. But he was constitutionally ineligible for the post at first. BNP had to amend the constitution to make him eligible for the election. As a sign of compromise with Awami League, Sattar granted Sheikh Hasina’s appeal of inheritance of Bangabandhu Bhaban.

While today anyone wonders why Hasina is always rude to Begum Zia and holds that much grudge against her, the incident of 38 years ago appears before eyes. 77 thousand activists of AL were in prison that time. Over 150,000 Awami League leaders and activists were killed in between August 15 to May 20. At present, those who cry for humanity; were they asleep at that time?


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