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Who`ll get BNP`s nominations?

Published on : 16 May 2019, 07:20 PM
Who`ll get BNP`s nominations?
The new crisis has emerged in BNP over upazila election. The latest crisis has appeared over the nomination related issue in upazila election and reserved women seats. The biggest crisis BNP is now facing is related to reserved women seats` quota. Although BNP has said that they would take a decision after analyzing the matter. But several candidates have become active to get elected from the women quota. It is to be noted that BNP got only one seat in women quota in the National Parliament. Battle over the only has taken an intensifying form. Although a large part of BNP is against in the participation of Bogra by-election scheduled to be held on June 24. But since Tarique Zia has announced the participation from London, and also instructed to give nomination in reserved seat, so BNP will provide candidates for the by-election and reserved women`s seat. Initially it was predicted that Zubaida Rahman or Syeda Sharmila Rahman may be nominated as a candidate for the reserved seat. But the latest findings have confirmed that none of them will be the candidate in this reserved seat. They do not want to be an MP this time. On the other hand, there is speculation in the party over the potential nomination grantee from party`s active leaders.

Jatiyatabadi Mohila Dal president and Mirza Abbas`s wife Afroza Abbas is the most discussed name in this regard. Recently she was seen very active. She participated in national election and lost. In view of this, it will be considered whether she will be nominated for the reserved seat again. Besides, KM Obaidur Rahman`s daughter Shama Obaid is also being considered in the women`s seat. Shama Obaid also participated in the election and was defeated. In addition, language activist Oli Ahad`s daughter and active BNP politician Rumin Farhan is also in discussion.

However, whatever the decision is taken, it will be taken following Tarique Zia`s instruction. On the other hand, it has been fairly confirmed that any leading person will get the candidacy of Bogra-1 constituency in the by-election. But the question arose over the loyalty of the parliamentary BNP, that will be formed by participating in the by-election and giving nomination in the reserved seat since they joined in the parliament challenging the party`s leaders.  Even if the elected members were not given consent in joining the parliament, they would join the parliament leaving the party. Many think that Tarique Zia took such steps to prevent the breakdown of the party. If that is the case and if the other two join as a member of the parliament, then gow will BNP benefit from this? Will it put BNP into a new crisis? It is now a matter to observe.
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