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BCL committee and student politics

Published on : 15 May 2019, 07:40 PM
BCL committee and student politics
Under the current constitutional law of the country, 18-year-old citizens have the right to vote. Since the opinion of every citizen is equal in the election of democracy, so, the involvement of students in politics is quite normal.  And that is why student politics is logical. Moreover, acceptance of student politics is essential for the development of future political leadership.

But in the current context of our country, student politics has taken a distorted form. The campuses have become the stage grounds of the political parties. May are becoming the leaders though they do not have any idea about the needs of the students or have no interest about it. Moreover, the infiltration of rogues in student politics has made the situation even worse.

On Monday night, the central committee of the student wing of the ruling party was announced. And after the announcement of the committee,  protests spread at the Dhaka University campus. The deprived student leaders have raised a lot of complaints about this committee. According to them, the general secretary`s district has got preference in this committee. There have been allegations that people who have never participated in party activities have been included in the central committee. According to BCL constitution, no married person is supposed to be a leader of BCL, but it has happened - such allegations have also been raised. Besides, several accused persons got position this time. The situation got worse when the deprived leaders and activists have been attacked and got injured for convening the press conference.

BCL has been in discussion for more than ten years because of several internal issues. And now no opposition parties raised allegations against them. The allegations came from within the party itself. The organization and mother organ will investigate over this allegation. But the recent activities of the organization and the attack on their leaders and activists questioned the practice of ongoing democracy within the party.

Students will choose their representatives in a democratic way and this is expected. But student organizations have become political parties’ puppets losing their own identity. There is no environment for practicing democracy. The committee that was supposed to be formed through students’ voting was formed by the elders, who are now become termed as the syndicate. The syndicate played an important role in controlling the activities of the student leaders. They are more skilled at earning than working on the campus-based academic fields. This is not politics. They are actually making fun of politics.

The students of the western world also do active politics. Everyone has the right of expressing their political ideology there. Those countries also demonstrate student’s movement on several development related issue.  But our student politics is not happening in that way. In the name of student politics, there has been a huge party infiltration in the educational field. Student organizations no longer have any distinction. That is why a lot of corruption and financial activities have been involved with student politics.

`Getting position at any cost` is not politics, it actually is a greed of power. In reality this is the defeat of student politics. Student politics of sixties is considered as a golden era. All the organizations including this BCL were able to maintain their independence outside the main party. That is why the people`s support was also towards them. The student movement of that time was called `student-people` movement. Today there is no student movement, there is no relation with the public. So, the question arises which way is our student politics heading to?
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