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By-election: Tarique-Khaleda’s open dispute

Published on : 14 May 2019, 08:44 PM
By-election: Tarique-Khaleda’s open dispute
Begum Khaleda Zia and her son Tarique Zia have got involved in a dispute publicly regarding Bogra by-election. Tarique Zia has sent a message from London that BNP will participate in the by-election scheduled on June 24. At the same time, Tarique Zia decided to nominate the candidate who will get BNP`s reserved female quota. According to the sources, Tarique Zia has decided to nominate his wife Zubaida Rahman and Arafat Rahman Koko’s wife Sharmila Rahman for Bogra-6 constituency and the reserved women seat. However, who is going to compete in the election and who will be nominated for the reserved quota seat have not been finalized yet. Some leaders have ignored the possibility saying that such thinking is baseless. According to them, Dr. Zubaida has submitted her passport and she is currently in London with her husband in political asylum. Her name is not included in the voters` list. Hence it is impossible for her to be the candidate. On the other hand, Sharmila is not interested in politics leaving her children aside. Some sources of BNP said that the internal politics of Bogra is responsible for Fakhrul’s stand against the oath-taking. Mirza Fakhrul is not popular and acceptable in Bogra. If he had taken the oath, there would have a revolt in Bogra BNP. Therefore, he was abstained from taking oath. BNP is thinking of appointing a popular local leader in Bogra-6 constituency which will strengthen BNP’s formation. A female candidate will be nominated for the researved female quota.
But, when the news of Tarique Zia’s decision reached Begum Zia at BSMMU, she became agitated. She said, “What will be gained by this election? How will BNP benefit?” A pro-BNP physician talked with standing committee leaders with Begum Zia’s message. In reply,  two of the standing committee leaders said that they were clueless about BNP’s decision, it is no less than suicide. They discussed with Mirza Fakhrul regarding the whole matter. While Fakhrul was attending the 20-party alliance meeting yesterday (Monday) , the doctor delivered Begum Zia’s message to him.  Fakhrul agreed with Begum Zia in this situation but he said that he is incapable of doing anything. He said, “Now Mr. Tarique’s decision is the last decision in BNP and we have no other way but to follow his order.” The doctor asked, for whom Fakhrul is in BNP--Begum Zia or Tarique. Fakhrul answered that he will leave politics if BNP ever gets divided. He is in politics to keep his party safe. However, multiple sources have said that Begum Zia is standing firm regarding the by-election. There is a chance of an upcoming drama regarding the by-election, the country is likely to see. 
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