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BNP devoid of Khaleda’s followers

Published on : 12 May 2019, 12:26 PM
BNP devoid of Khaleda’s followers
Miseries of Khaleda’s followers are not getting over. They are being either cornered or remaining unprivileged. The existence of Begum Zia is being erased day by day. After Tarique Zia was given responsibility of the acting chief of BNP, Begum Zia and her followers’ influence over BNP is at stake. BNP is being mainly led by Tarique Zia at present. Begum Zia is losing her followers. Let’s see how Begum Zia’s followers have been in this situation:
Mosaddak Ali Falu: Falu was the most trusted person to Begum Zia. From 83, he has been working for Begum Zia as a trustworthy, faithful companion. In 1991, Falu became Begum Zia’s personal secretary when she took power. The ministers, MPs were directed by Falu. From 2001 Falu has lost his influence over BNP, who has become a nobody to BNP now. He resigned in 2016 in spite of being nominated in the committee. Currently he is staying in Dubai fleeing from the charge of corruption. 
Sadeque Hossain Khoka: Khoka was among them on whom Begum Zia used to depend mostly. She was always relieved after appointing him for any kind of responsibility. In 2001, Khoka became all-in-all in Dhaka metropolitan as he was appointed as the mayor as well as a minister. During 1/11 while Khoka’s role was being questioned, Begum Zia called him. But Khoka remained unaware of Begum Zia’s weak position in the party. When he came to know, he quit everything and went to New York. At present he is staying there. 
Abdullah Al Noman: Noman has been with Begum Zia since her difficult times. He was appointed as the minister for two times. But Noman has also lost his influence over BNP after Tarique Zia’s intervention. He wanted to resign due to not getting place in the standing committee. But he stayed at Begum Zia’s request. Now he has lost his enthusiasm in politics.
Apart from them, Barrister Rafiqul Islam Miah, who is currently sick and unable to play any role in the party activities, comes into this consideration. Tariqul Islam has died. Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain is known to be another follower of Begum Zia who is not that much trustworthy to her. Moreover, he also has lost his influence. The chapter of Begum Zia is ending day by day.  Begum Zia raised the image of an uncompromising and struggling united political party from 1983-90. That BNP is now devastated and divided being aimless in the politics. The top leaders are suspicious about the future of the party, just like the ordinary party workers.
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