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Tarique may be arrested in London

Published on : 22 April 2019, 07:57 PM
Tarique may be arrested in London
British government has seized nearly 60 thousand dollars of Tarique Zia`s unknown income source. A petition has been filed by the Anti-Corruption Commission in Bangladesh to get the money back.  Court has ordered the freezing of three UK bank accounts of BNP’s Acting Chairperson Tarique Rahman and his wife Dr. Zubaida Rahman. The three accounts are with a British bank, Santander UK. Two of them are personal accounts of Tarique and his wife Zubaida and another is on the name of White and Blue Consultant Limited which is directed by Tarique himself.

According to the case application, ACC had formed an inquiry committee while investigating Tarique’s investments abroad. As per the investigation, the transfer of £59,341.93—from White and Blue Consultant Limited to three accounts of Tarique and Zubaida—was halted at the order of Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), UK.  The case statement urged the court to order the freezing of the accounts saying that the amount could be moved elsewhere if initiatives are not taken immediately. The lower court has sent the judgment of this petition to the Foreign Ministry from the Ministry of Home Affairs. Then the court order will be sent to the British Attorney General`s office through the Home Ministry. But that is a different issue. 

The current concern is that Tarique can be screwed for this money. After freezing the accounts British Government has asked him to explain about his source of income. Two weeks have passed but still Tarique is unable to disclose the source of money. He can be jailed for this reason. 

According to the British rules, if the amount of investment crosses £5000, the source of income and accuracy of the receipt must be verified; which is difficult for Tarique Zia at this moment. In fact, something bigger has come out. British government is investigating the huge expenditure of Tarique Zia, who has been living luxuriously in London. He can be arrested anytime if the source of his income is proved illegitimate. In Britain, the number of arrests for illegal income source is not less. But as per the diplomatic sources of Britain, If Tarique gets arrested for money laundering, British government will send the money back to Bangladesh without hesitation. Besides, there is no restriction to send Tarique back to Bangladesh as well. 
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