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AL presidium members likely to be excluded

Published on : 22 April 2019, 06:04 PM
AL presidium members likely to be excluded
Awami League`s council is going to be held in October. It has been heard that AL would reshape the party in that council. Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is holding several meetings with several committees every week in this regard. The issue that emerged from these meetings is that there would be huge change in Awami League leadership. Especially, the party will give priority to the youth in leadership through the upcoming council.

According to Awami League`s constitution, the presidium stands second in number in terms of power after the party president. At present, the presidium is the center of Awami League`s decision making. But the party`s presidium has not been playing an effective role after 2010. Even after having enough power, the presidium still remains passive. That is why, the presidium will be reshaped in the party council, several sources said. Relatively senior leaders may be axed from the council this time. Meanwhile, heavyweight leaders like Tofail Ahmed and Amir Hossain Amu have been excluded from the presidium for their controversial role during one-eleven. They are now working as a member of the advisory council. So, there is no possibility that they are coming back again. Moreover, those who are relatively senior can be excluded, and relatively young and energetic leaders can get places.

Awami League presidium member and veteran leader of the party, deputy leader of the National Parliament, Syeda Sajeda Chowdhury`s physical condition is not in a favorable state. She only can manage to attend the presidium meetings. She can`t be very active in party`s organizational activities. AL president has great affection and respect for her. Despite this, many responsible sources confirmed that Sajeda Chowdhury has the possibility of being excluded. Likewise, Advocate Sahara Khatun is not active in party`s activities as before due to her old age complications. And because of this reason, she may also be excluded from the presidium. Since 2009, Awami League has introduced a practice to include local leaders in party presidium. Pijush Kanti Bhattacharya was included as a member of the presidium. But this time, there is a possibility of his exclusion. Instead, any senior leader of the local level may be included. Advocate Abdul Mannan Khan can be dropped from the presidium. When Awami League government came to power in 2009, Abdul Mannan Khan was appointed as the housing and public works minister. During his tenure he was accused of various corruption charges and got defeated by Jatiya Party candidate in 2014 election. He didn`t get nomination this time. Instead, Salman F Rahman got nomination from his constituency. Although, he is currently performing his duty as a presidium member, several sources claim that,l he would be axed this time.

Apart from these, there are several Awami League leaders who are not active as party`s presidium members. Their mobility has not been seen in party activities for a long time. It has been learned that relatively young and active leaders may be brought to the presidium replacing them. A young generation has gradually become experienced doing Awami League politics. The possibility of bringing them to the presidium is getting very strong, multiple responsible sources have confirmed. In particular, leaders like Abdur Rahman, Jahangir Kabir Nanak, who completed their youth serving the party, can now get place in Awami League presidium. However, Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will take the final decision on this issue. A responsible source says that Awami League`s presidium was very active at one point of time. The presidium leaders played an important role in managing the party. But the situation has changed now. Now the presidium is not very active as before. Rather, the party is being managed especially by party`s general secretary and organizing secretaries. Awami League now wants to bring the party to an effective and responsible place after changing that concept in this council. And for this reason, indication of huge change has been prevailing now.