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Khaleda to announce retirement from politics?

Published on : 19 April 2019, 07:55 PM
Khaleda to announce retirement from politics?
Two members of BNP Chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia`s family have had a nightlong meeting with three important people of the government. They said, Begum Zia would retire from politics after getting the bail. Even if she goes abroad for treatment, she (Begum Zia) would not be involved in political activities. Begum Zia`s brother, and another close relative have requested the government not to oppose Begum Zia`s next bail application. But the government has asked, why will she retire from politics? In response, Begum Zia`s relatives said that she has lost interest in politics.  Besides, her physical and mental condition is not in a favorable stage. In such a situation, she herself decided to quit. Begum Zia wants to spend the rest of her life peacefully.
But the responsible leaders of the government said that the government was not giving any condition about Begum Zia`s retirement. The government, in fact, does not want her retirement from politics and wants to give her parole. An important person of the government, who had attended the negotiation meeting with Zia family, said, "We told them about the parole since the government has this authority. The government can give parole to anyone on logical ground. But the bail is entirely under court`s jurisdiction." Another influential person of the government says, "It is state`s responsibility to oppose the bail of a convicted person. If not, it will be a bad example. That`s why we advised them to take parole."
However, AL`s acting general secretary Mahbubul Alam Hanif thinks that "BNP and Zia family don`t want Khaleda`s bail or parole. They want to use this issue to create a chaos." He said, "Begum Khaleda Zia is being victim of BNP`s internal conflict. BNP wants to use Begum Zia since they have no issues." Hanif added, "The government is sincere about the treatment of Begum Zia. She is getting more favor that she was supposed to get."
A member of Zia family said, "They do not understand why Begum Zia is not interested in parole. Perhaps she was convinced by BNP leaders against the parole. We cannot make her (Begum Zia) understand that her treatment is our main priority now." Sources confirmed, during negotiation with Zia family, the government said that they were ready to give Begum Zia the parole. When asked if there is any possibility of change in the situation after Begum Zia`s retirement announcement, a ruling party leader said, "Let her apply first."
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