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Tarique VS Khaleda`s family

Published on : 18 April 2019, 08:04 PM
Tarique VS Khaleda`s family
Drama has started in BNP regarding Khaleda’s release. Senior leaders including Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir are not interested to release Khaleda on parole. On the other hand, Shamim Iskandar and other family members are thinking of releasing Begum Zia at any cost. Everything will be possible only if she recovers as per their belief. The agreement between government and Begum Zia has been stuck due to the dispute between these two parties. The responsibility of mediation was given to Begum Zia’s absconding son Tarique Zia who is in London. Both parties agreed to the mediation that time. 

Shamim Iskandar thought that since Tarique was the son of Khaleda Zia, he will think about his mother. BNP leaders, on the other hand, thought that importance should be given to his decision as he is the acting chairperson of BNP. But Tarique suggested keeping Khaleda Zia in custody. Another source confirmed them Tarique Zia has shown negative attitude about his mother’s parole. In this regard, he agreed with the party leaders.

The sources said that Tarique Zia had talked with senior leaders including the party`s general secretary today about the physical condition of Khaleda Zia. He directed to arrange Begum Zia`s bail through the legal process. It has been learned that Tarique put pressure on forming movement with the demand of Begum Zia`s release. Likewise, he also talked with Shamim Iskander. He said, as a son, he does not want his mother to be known as a cowardly person. Tarique thinks that Begum Zia`s image would be ruined after if she gets release on parole. He instructed to put pressure on the government for Begum Zia`s treatment and also instructed to create international pressure. Although there has been a heated conversation with Shamim Iskander, the responsible sources confirmed. However, BNP leaders denied all that. Different opinions of different arenas have started to unfold. Tarique gave his opinion as Begum Zia`s son and as a politician. However, some BNP leaders think that Tarique Zia does not want Khaleda Zia`s release. Because, one of the main conditions of Khaleda Zia`s release is the repatriation of Tarique. In order to escape imprisonment, Tarique is making sure Begum Zia remains imprisoned.
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