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Jamaat won’t change

Published on : 25 March 2019, 07:33 PM
Jamaat won’t change

Jamaat-e-Islami was supposed to change its name, reorganize its organization and the successors will not take responsibility for its predecessors’ misdeeds. It was also decided that Jamaat will ask for forgiveness for its crimes within March 26. But Jamaat has once again proved that it has not changed. It happened because of two reasons. First, Jamaat did it to divert people’s attention from the fact that it is a party of anti-liberation forces. Secondly, due to a massive defeat in the election, Jamaat’s leaders and workers became frustrated and to remove their dissatisfaction Jamaat did so.

Jamaat participated in the December 30 elections in 22 seats with BNP’s sheaf of paddy symbol. Its party leaders who were war criminals were brought to trials and their death sentences were carried out. After this, the party was devasted. In such a situation, getting so many seats was a surprising incident. The pollical experts believe that BNP helped Jamaat to revive from its difficult situation. But Jamaat faced a big defeat in the election. All of their candidates’ security deposits were forfeited for the first time. It created a stir in Jamaat. Those who are young in Jamaat demanded that the common people turned away from Jamaat because of their war crimes and anti-independence role.  Barrister Abdur Razzaq has resigned from the party citing the failure of the party to apologize to the people of Bangladesh for its anti-independence role during the Liberation War of 1971. Two more young leaders followed his footsteps and resigned from the party citing the same issue. A committee was formed in Jamaat in this issue, the committee said that the name of the party will be changed and it will ask for forgiveness for its role in 1971. Reliable sources said the anti-independence force within Jamaat still controls Jamaat. Therefore, Jamaat failed to keep its word. Secondly, if Jamaat changes its stance from its anti-independence stance, it will create a problem for a particular group of people who took stand against independence as they will lose their stake. Their number is not small. The international community which supports extremism wants Jamaat to return to its previous form. BNP also believes that if Jamaat does not remain in the front of anti-India and anti-independence force, it will weaken BNP. Therefore, BNP also pressured Jamaat to retain its old form. And so, Jamaat has continued to be the old Jamaat. Sources also confirmed that a section in BNP that patronizes Jamaat, put pressure on Jamaat not to change its position. The 3-member committee which was formed to introduce Jamaat in new guise also recommended not to change its name to avoid sending a wrong message to the people. They also recommended that a large number of supporters of Jamaat must be organized gradually. That means Jamaat is unmoved from its previous stand. Its position regarding 1971 remains the same. So, different circles of the country believe that it has become necessary to raise to the issue of banning Jamaat once again. The pro-liberation writers, intellectuals and freedom fighters believe it should be made a national issue.

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