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Why Gulshan-Baridhara covered under security?

Published on : 25 March 2019, 06:20 PM
Why Gulshan-Baridhara covered under security?

Suddenly security has been strengthened in the diplomatic zone including Gulshan, Banani, and Baridhara from the night of 24th March. Although the law enforcement agency has said it is a routine work. There is no risk. Such security measures have been taken as preparation ahead of the Independence Day on 26th March.

It has been said by law enforcement agencies that safety measures have not only been strengthened in Dhaka city, Chittagong and other divisional cities have also been brought under strict security measures. But several diplomatic zones and various diplomatic sources gave different views about this. Although a statement from the law enforcement agency said today that there was no authenticity behind all the small messages given by the embassies and missions fearing the militant attacks.

When contacted with different diplomatic embassies, they said that they had such information that there are fears of militant attacks behind the security measures taken targeting 26th March Independence Day. For some time, the new JMB was organizing itself again and delivering threat message to annihilate those whom they call `disbelievers`. Recently, a lot of information was received by the intelligence agencies. From that information it is assumed that JMB and some other Islamist militant organizations are organizing themselves. There are many questions about if the security in the diplomatic areas including Gulshan, Banani and Baridhara has been raised in this context. In addition, US Embassy has imposed restrictions on the movement of its officials and employees. They have news that there is a possibility of militant attacks in Bangladesh. The Swedish Embassy located in Bangladesh has similar message. They issued a warning on the movement of the Swedish citizens, and instructed its citizens to take additional warnings before coming to Bangladesh. A similar warning was issued by the British High Commission in Dhaka. At the same time, the Australian Embassy also issued such caution.

There was no major militant attack before and after the July 1, 2016, Holey Artisan attack. Our law enforcement agencies have very efficiently shattered various militant hideouts and planning at different times. But several reports from the US Embassy say that militants of Bangladesh are getting re-organized before and after the national elections. The US Embassy has information that they want to make a big event to inform about their existence.

When contacted, members of law enforcement agencies said they have information that JMB is getting organized. But they will not be able to be strong enough to sabotage or carry out attack in Bangladesh. A spokesperson of the intelligence agency said that law enforcement agencies are much stronger than before. Their network is very strong. Therefore, any kind of militant activities or attacks will be strictly controlled.

Although there is no such fear, the security measures that have been taken in Gulshan and Baridhara, will continue for several days, many sources confirmed. Senior officials of the law enforcement agencies said that such security could remain in force until the end of this month. Talking about the reason, they said they occasionally strengthen the security measures. It is a part of their routine work.

But it has been learned after talking to several embassy officials, they are not willing to accept it as routine work. They think that the government must have a news of danger. However, almost all embassies, including the US Embassy, have expressed satisfaction at the government`s security arrangements to avoid any untoward incident. They believe that due to the firmness and activism of the law enforcement agencies, the possibility of militant attacks or sabotage is unlikely and the normal environment will return to Gulshan and Baridhara areas.


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