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GM Quader wanted to create opposition platform

Published on : 23 March 2019, 06:30 PM
GM Quader wanted to create opposition platform

GM Quader wanted to remove the badge of a loyal opposition and become the leader of the united opposition party. Therefore, he was relieved of the party`s co-chairman post and its organizational duty. He has also been removed from the post of deputy leader of the parliamentary party. Responsible sources confirmed GM Quader started contacting with different opposition leaders including Jatiya Oikya Front. He invited BNP to come to the parliament and play the role of the opposition. A plot was hatched to come out of the Jatiya Party’s identity and criticize the government.

At the same time, he also talked with the leaders of the 14-party alliance who were cabinet members. He was also working with a formula that included all against the government in the parliament, said a number of responsible sources.

According to sources, GM Quader held talks with Sultan Mohammad Mansur. He told Mansur that HM Ershad has already become physically ill and is unable to join the parliament. In this case, he (GM Quader) is the opposition leader. Jatiya Party wants to present itself in the parliament in a new form. He wants to talk for the people criticizing the government rather than remaining as a loyal and obedient opposition to the government. Sultan Mansur also agreed to him. Sources confirmed that he met with several Oikya Front leaders at the initiative of Mansur.

GM Quader has an old relation with Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir. The two politicians also have had long-term contact. He urged Mirza Fakhrul to build a united anti-government platform to put pressure on the government. If such a platform is formed inside and outside the parliament, then the government`s vicious and non-democratic programs can be interrupted and good governance can be established in the country. For this reason, at least two meetings between GM Quader and Mirza Fakhrul have been reported. Mirza Fakhrul told GM Quader that he needed more time to decide to go to parliament. However, he has welcomed the initiative of GM Quader, sources have confirmed.

GM Quader wanted to create a united opposition platform inside and outside the parliament together with BNP, Jatiya Party, Jatiya Oikya Front, and the 14-party alliance partners. Sources said when he talked about his issue with the 14-party partners, some of the 14-party alliance told this to the government. Then he began to face problems. When HM Ershad asked him about this, he admitted this. He told Ershad, ‘The organization will not be strong in this way. As a domestic opposition party, we have no status. Jatiya Party has 22 seats. If Jatiya Party decides to be in the opposition in the true sense, it will evolve as a new political party. And it will be Jatiya Party, not BNP that will get people’s support.’

A source said that GM Quader took this initiative after getting Ershad’s green signal. But later Ershad changed his decision like he always does. Because of this, GM Quader had to lose post as the co-chairman. The government does not want that Jatiya Party goes out of its circle and take stand against it. The government is cautious about avoiding some sensitive political issues, which Jatiya Party may raise in the parliament. Therefore, many believe that the government played a significant role to relieve Quader from his post.

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