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Ershad tells Quader ‘Don’t worry’

Published on : 23 March 2019, 01:02 PM
Ershad tells Quader ‘Don’t worry’

Jatiya Party supporters were astonished when chairman HM Ershad relieved his younger brother GM Quader of the party`s co-chairman post and its organizational duty. GM Quader himself was surprised at this decision. He telephoned his brother today. At that time, Ershad told him, ‘Don’t worry. I’ll look over your matter.’

GM Quader told Bangla Insider, ‘It was little unusual, I was really surprised. I had to see this on television that I was relieved from the co-chairman post of the party.’ He said, ‘Yesterday when I came home, my wife told me that the TV channels were showing that I was relieved of the post. I was surprised at this.`

The reporter asked him, `Did you talk to Ershad?` He replied, `I have just talked to him. He told me not to worry as he will look over this case when I will meet him.’

When asked what GM would do now, he said, `Let`s see. Time will tell me what to do.’ 

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