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Minority tag hindering Gayeshwar from being secy general?

Published on : 22 March 2019, 07:03 PM
Minority tag hindering Gayeshwar from being secy general?
Gayeshwar Chandra Roy is a person in BNP who has a clean image. The remarks and statements that he makes have been told as the unspoken words of the BNP leaders and activists. He has become the mouthpiece of the grassroots. He was against participating in the December 30 election. He said, ‘BNP should not go to the election without ensuring the release of BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia.’ He was in favor of a movement for the release of Khaleda. It was Roy who said first that it is impossible to liberate Khaleda by legal means. It was him who said that BNP must be reorganized, it must be strengthened. He raised his voice against forming Jatiya Oikya Front during a meeting of the standing committee. When the coalition was formed, he told that if it gets necessary, he would form the alliance with the devils. Gayeshwar, who is known as an outspoken person, has never stumbled in his political life. He has been involved with BNP’s politics since its beginning. Inspired by the ideology of Ziaur Rahman, he began his political career by being involved with student politics. He was the general secretary of Jatiyatabadi Jubo Dal, the youth front of BNP. Now he is a member of the standing committee. Khaleda Zia and Tarique Zia, both liked and trusted Gayeshwar a lot. He has no record of compromising with the party’s ideology, policy and betraying with the party to serve his own interests. Even after the December 30 election, there was a lot of talks about Mirza Fakhrul’s secret compromise with the government. However, Gayeshwar Chandra Roy has had never any such rumor in his entire political life. Therefore, he is getting popular day by day and many believe that he should be the next secretary general of BNP. This issue created a stir in BNP. India along with the international community believes that BNP needs someone like Gayeshwar who can organize the party and work with confidence in such a crisis. BNP leaders and workers also have no doubt about this. But the question is, why is he not discussed for assuming the position in BNP? Why do the policymakers of BNP have no plan with him? Is it because he is from the minority?

Since the establishment of BNP, it had been more dependent on the anti-liberation and communal forces. BNP’s leadership always had the majority of representatives from the anti-liberation or communal forces. Like Ziaur Rahman brought them in the leading roles, Khaleda also maintained this culture. In this case, for a leader like Gayeshwar Chandra Roy, getting a top position is very rare. Many believe that BNP has evolved as a communal party since its birth. It feels comfortable in mixing with the right-wing parties. Therefore, becoming a member of the standing committee was a big achievement for Gayeshwar.

So, the question arises, has Gayeshwar been disqualified from getting the secretary general position due to his religious identity? Different political circles have raised this question. It is believed that as BNP has close relations with the right-wing and extreme right-wing parties, Gayeshwar is not under the consideration to be the next secretary general. A senior leader of BNP said, ‘Gayeshwar is a good leader. He has a good relation with the party leaders and activists. He is known as an outspoken and creative leader among the party supporters. However, he cannot be the next secretary general for his religious identity. As a result, a section of BNP fears to declare to pledge support for him. It happened because BNP has done politics in the name of religion. Therefore, BNP does not want to take the risk and select Gayeshwar as the secretary general. Maybe that is why, Gayeshwar has to be satisfied with his current position.’

However, the political analysts said, ‘When people talk about BNP’s relation with Jamaat and the right-wing parties, if BNP makes Gayeshwar its secretary general, BNP might be called a party which is moving towards secularism. But it is a matter to see whether BNP has the guts and prudence to uplift this spirit.’

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