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5 dangers loom ahead AL

Published on : 22 March 2019, 12:00 PM
5 dangers loom ahead AL

Awami League has come to power for the third consecutive term. On its third term, AL has almost completely cornered the opposition. Currently, there is no opposition party in the country. Other political parties are also in a moribund state. AL has also cut off its 14-party alliance from the cabinet. Therefore, the very existence of the14-party alliance is also at risk.

AL is powerful alone in the politics of Bangladesh, so apparently, it has no opposition at this moment. It is almost certain that the party will not have to face any political movement in the coming days. But AL is watchful about a number of social issues and movements. The AL leaders believe that there are some merits and demerits of living in a time when there is no politics. In the absence of politics, social and public issues can suddenly arise and put the government in an embarrassing situation. About the five issues that AL has issued warning against are as follows:

1) Safe road movement

The safe road movement has started again following the death of university student Abrar. Although the movement has been postponed till March 28, there is a significant aspect of the third round of this movement. It has created a network of common students and they are very organized. They can destabilize the capital within a few minutes. It is undoubtedly an alarming issue for the ruling party and so, AL is handling this issue carefully. Because, if an organized community diverts this movement in favor of it, it can create an embarrassing situation for the government.

2) Gas price hike movement

Although this is not as strong as safe road movement, the anger and dissatisfaction among the public on gas price hike is visible. AL believes there is the possibility of a spontaneous movement across the country if there is a hike in gas price. AL believes if the general mass start movement so often, it can create a problem for the government.

3) New VAT act movement

After the government failed to take initiative for two years, the government has again taken the initiative to formulate new VAT law. Meanwhile, the small traders have made it clear that if the government introduces new VAT law, they will start a movement. Earlier, the new VAT law initiative was stopped by the government under the pressure of small traders. Even if the government takes steps again, it can create an environment for movement. And it can put the government in an embarrassing situation.

4) Various accidents

One after another incident of road accident is taking place in the country. The steps taken by the government after the horrific fire incident of Chawkbazar`s Churihatta area were not enough. The incident created dissatisfaction among people. This is also a warning to the government. The government believes if such incidents happen repeatedly and it cannot fulfill its commitments to the people, the situation can create a public dissatisfaction. Therefore, the government has taken initiative about this issue.

5) Fight with the shadow

As the other political parties are becoming less and less active in politics, AL has started to fight among themselves. In the upazila elections, the conflict of AL was visible. AL remembers the speech of the Founding Father of the Nation in such stage, he said, ‘If we don’t accept defeat, nobody can defeat us.’ AL President Sheikh Hasina also once told, ‘If AL doesn’t accept defeat willingly, there is nobody who can defeat AL.’ AL has created a shadowy enemy among themselves which must be defeated to avoid future loss.

AL is concerned about these issues and therefore, it is trying to look at these issues more carefully. It does not want to lose control over these issues. Because AL knows that if one movement goes out of control, it will be very difficult to control it later. A movement based on a non-political issue becomes more serious and it gets difficult to face this movement. Therefore, AL believes it should focus on these issues right now. Sources said that AL is watchful about these issues.

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