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10 easy ways to identify real AL

Published on : 21 March 2019, 11:19 AM
10 easy ways to identify real AL
The ruling Awami League is in power for ten long years. It seems everybody in this country is the supporter of this party. From government officials to businessmen-everyone claims to be as Awami League supporter. Many top leaders of the party have raised the question that where they have been for so long. A few days ago, Awami League presidium member Mohammed Nasim said, would these supporters be with us during party`s tough times? In the latest upazila elections, Awami League candidates have contested against each other. The question arises about how to recognize the real and fake supporters from such a huge number. Who has joined the party seeking opportunity or who are the real dedicated and followers of the Father of the Nation`s ideology? Top leaders of the party have said 10 easy ways to identify the real supporters of AL. These 10 methods will help recognize the authentic supporters of the party and these are:
1. The real Awami League always referred Sheikh Mujibur Rahman as the `Father of the Nation (Jatir Pita)`. They usually do not say `Jatir Janak`. The fake Awami League supporters always address the architect of our independence as `Jatir Janak`. It is noteworthy that Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina always terms `Jatir Pita` or `Father of the Nation`.
2. The real Awami League activists know many speeches of Bangabandhu. They have the idea about the political sacrifices of Bangabandhu and his various speeches, and political philosophy. But the boundary of fake supporters is limited to Bangabandhu`s 7th March speech. Any leader of the fabricated Awami League cannot even mention another speech of Bangabandhu outside the 7th March speech. Although many of Bangabandhu`s speeches are now being circulated repeatedly on radio and television. But their knowledge is confined only with this specific speech.
3. The real Awami League activists always remember the time of distress. They always keep the great tragedies like 15 August, 1975 and one-eleven of 2007 in their hearts. But the pretending ones always talk about developments. The main function of the fake Awami League is babbling about the development works done during the party`s reign.
4. The real Awami league supporters always give warning about the lean season. They always think that the party should be organized in such a way that it can tackle the situation during its tough times. But the fake one only thinks of today. They only think of how to facilitate themselves using party`s name.
5. The real Awami League has always been ready to sacrifice. They do not think about achievements. They never abandon party`s ideology. They cannot think of going against the party. But the leaders who support the party only for personal benefits can easily criticize the party while they fail to get anything from it. 
6. The original supporters have never publicly criticized Awami League. They always keep the party upward in open discussion. They only criticize about various issues of the party while discussing among them. But for the sake of interest, counterfeit supporters criticized the party more than the opposition does.
7. The self-denying supporters always want to see the Prime Minister and Awami League president happy and active. They fully trust Sheikh Hasina. For them, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Sheikh Hasina mean Awami League. They do not like any other party or faction or division, and do not indulge in it. But the fake Awami League create ls a zone after assuming power. They always reward their supporters. 
8. The real supporters think that Awami League must always be responsible, and have relations with the people. That is why they become concerned with any anti-social activities. Any anti-government activities will upset them. But the fake Awami League is not concerned about these issues. They always think that they have to be in power in any way and win the polls. In this case they do not bother about people`s participation or role in the polls.
9. The real supporters always think that if Awami League does anything wrong, then the whole nation has to pay for that and that is why they remain aware of the fact. They do not indulge in party disputes or party interference. But the fake Awami League always considers the brawl or division of the party as their profits. That is why they want to be powerful creating turmoil. That is why they try to create division in the party.
10. The real Awami League believes that the party will not be in power forever. They keep themselves active to gain people`s trust and faith so that when the party does not remain in power, people should love the party even then. But the fake Awami League thinks that the power is perpetual. Awami League will always remain in power. That is why they despise everything while they are in power.
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