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Government`s compromise initiative on DUCSU

Published on : 14 March 2019, 06:14 PM
Government`s compromise initiative on DUCSU
The government has taken initiative to control the situation of Dhaka University following the Dhaka University Central Student`s Union-DUCSU election. Several government sources have informed that the situation would be brought under control through negotiation and compromise by employing fair means. Two senior leaders of Awami League joint general secretary Jahangir Kabir Nanak and organizing secretary AFM Bahauddin Nasim were given the responsibility. They have been told to find ways of the compromise through negotiation with the student leaders of quota reform movement and left front.
According to the sources, the government does not want to apply force in any case to control the situation in Dhaka University. The government feared that the situation might take a wrong turn. For this reason, the government has taken initiatives of peaceful settlement through negotiation. This initiative has been visible since morning. This morning, Jahangir Kabir Nanak spoke with the newly elected DUCSU VP Nurul Haque Nur and will speak with other quota reform leaders. Bahauddin Nasim, on the other hand, is learned to have spoken with the leaders of left front supported Pragatisheel Chhatra Jote. They think that discussing with them will solve the problem. A responsible leader of Awami League said in this regard, we would not involve teachers in it anyway. Strict surveillance would be kept so that nobody can take political advantage from here. According to the sources, a group is working to instigate the situation of Dhaka University. This initiative has been taken so that the conspirators cannot convince the general students.
When contacted, Jahangir Kabir Nanak said such incident like protests and dissatisfaction after the election is a common case. We also studied from Dhaka University. We think that this problem can be solved very easily through negotiation. Government responsible sources said that the government is trying to negotiate focusing on five goals:
1. Not canceling DUCSU election in any way and finding solutions in the light of the results;
2. Taking action against teachers who have been accused of and removing them from administrative duties;
3. Breaking the hunger strike of the students.
4. Ensuring the co-existence of the quota reform movement, Pragatisheel Chhatra Jote and Chhatra League and ostracizing Chatra Dal.
5. Ensuring incentives to meet the various demands of the students including housing problems, food improvement, transport problems at the university.
The government thinks that they can negotiate with quota reform movement and leftist students organization on these five points. An Awami League leader said, government would not make any compromise with Chatra Dal. There is information that Chatra Dal is trying to make Dhaka University`s situation worse. 
Multiple sources said, newly elected VP Nurul Haque Nur looked very tolerant, moderate and flexible while talking to Awami League leaders and he said that he was ready to take oath. But he has been provoked again after the discussion with other quota reform movement leaders 
For this reason, Jahangir Kabir Nanak has decided that they would sit with quota reform movement`s main leaders and would resolve the matter. Nanak thinks, Quota reform movement platform emerged as the second powerful force in this election after Chhatra League. If they can be removed from the movement and their elected representatives are sworn in at DUCSU, then the situation will become normal. There is no impact among other students organizations and general students. Then the situation can be completely brought under control. The government is moving forward with that goal. The government does not want to allow the situation of Dhaka University to flow towards any other direction.
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