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Khaleda threatens to start movement alone

Published on : 14 March 2019, 12:25 PM
Khaleda threatens to start movement alone

BNP Chairperson Khaleda is enraged at the government as well as her party. Yesterday, she told the jail authorities that she would no longer take medical treatment and start a movement alone, confirmed a number of jail authorities’ sources.

Yesterday, the hearing of a case was supposed to be settled in court, but she refused to appear before the court. Just a few days ago, she refused to take medical treatment at BSMMU and declared that she would only take medical care at the city`s United Hospital.

During the Niko corruption case hearing, BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul met with Khaleda Zia. She directed him to act quickly to ensure her bail. Following this, Fakhrul along with five other BNP leaders met Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal and demanded better treatment for Khaleda. He urged the minister to shift the BNP chairperson to the United Hospital. But Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal made it clear that she would have to take treatment at BSMMU under its medical board following the court order.

The BNP chairperson suspects her party leaders have compromised with the government. Therefore, the arrangement for her better treatment is getting delayed. She also believes that the top leaders of BNP secretly colluded with the government to save themselves from various courts cases and their business. This has made Khaleda furious, said jail sources.

According to sources, Fakhrul has 54 cases filed against him. He is either in bail or the cases are inactive at this moment. As a result, the pro-Khaleda and those who faced oppression in BNP raised questions about Fakhrul’s cases. Dr. Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain’s cases are also immobile at someone’s direction. The government has built a connection with BNP’s standing committee. Therefore, the members of this committee are not willing to struggle for Khaleda’s release. She said to the jail authorities that if her leaders had put minimum pressure on the government, she would have had better treatment.

Jail authorities’ sources said Khaleda Zia has made three points for not taking treatment at BSMMU. 

1) She gave the example of Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader and said as the quality of medical treatment at BSMMU is not up to the mark, he was taken to Singapore.

2) She believes if her personal physicians are barred from treating her, she will get wrong treatment and this may damage her more.

3) She said the physiotherapy of BSMMU is not modern and standard.

She has notified the jail authorities about these points. But, one of the senior officials of the jail authorities said that the jail authorities must follow the High Court order. It is to be noted that the HC had ordered to provide her medical treatment at BSMMU under a medical board.

However, sources in Khaleda’s family are saying that she is planning to announce movement programs alone. When her family members met her on Friday last, she told them that she would protest alone for her release and treatment if nobody starts a movement. But her brother and his wife could not tell how the BNP chairperson would do this.

However, Khaleda refused to go to the court saying, ‘I’ve stopped taking medical care, I won’t go to the court. If it gets necessary, I’ll stop taking food too.’ However, the jail authorities said that it is a normal incident for her to get excited and enraged. They are seeing her act like this for the last one year. Everything will get normal and Khaleda Zia will soon agree to get medical treatment at BSMMU.

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