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PM’s security tightened

Published on : 08 March 2019, 11:47 AM
PM’s security tightened

A number of law enforcement agencies have portended to take stringent measures to strengthen the country’s security from March 11 to 26. They have urged to beef up the security of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina alongside other prominent persons and establishments of the country. A direction has been given to reinforce security for public rallies that are held in open places. According to a source, law enforcement agencies have already taken precautionary measures. The security of the prime minister has also been tightened in this regard.

A number of intelligence reports have mentioned taking extra security measures regarding the DUCSU election. The intelligence agency has a report that says that BNP and the quota protesters are intending to create an unnatural atmosphere during the DUCSU polls. Sources said they intend to foil the election by creating sabotage. The intelligence agency reportedly has a report that says they want to spread this DUCSU movement all over Dhaka. As a result, the security has been tightened in Dhaka University as well as in the rest of the parts of Dhaka city.

October 17 will mark the 99th birth anniversary of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the Founding Father of the Nation. The state and government have planned programs regarding this. The VIPs will move in Dhaka and Tungipara. The conspirators may create chaos on this day.

The intelligence agency has information that sabotage planning is ongoing regarding March 26.

However, the law enforcement agencies said that these conspiracies would not succeed as they are more efficient than ever. A senior police official said, ‘After the Holey Artisan incident, the security and intelligence network across the country has been made unbreachable. Therefore, the police and other law enforcement agencies will stringently curb such attempts.

A responsible leader of Awami League said, ‘We know that BNP and Jamaat are seeking other means to challenge AL as they were defeated politically. Such is their politics.’ He said, ‘They always want to do politics from the backdrop. However, the people of the country are sensible now. On the other hand, the law enforcement agency is also very efficient now.’ He further said, ‘Those who are detached from the people seek to conspire.’

A top official of the law enforcement agency said, ‘BNP-Jamaat tried to create sabotage during the December 30 election. However, they did not succeed. Now, they are after something else. But they won’t be successful.’

According to the sources in law enforcement agencies, the law enforcers will cover the capital by a heavy security blanket from March 10 to the rest of the month.

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