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Oikya Front to give 2 years to govt

Published on : 18 February 2019, 07:06 PM
Oikya Front to give 2 years to govt

Jatiya Oikya Front will give two years to the ruling party Awami League (AL) for holding the national election afresh. A number of Oikya Front leaders have said AL perhaps desperately wanted to celebrate Bangabandhu’s 100th birth anniversary and Golden Jubilee of the country’s independence by remaining in power. Therefore, Oikya Front will not announce any major programs until 2021. However, it will announce major programs step-by-step from the year of 2021 demanding a new election. One of the prominent leaders of Oikya Front, ASM Abdur Rab said, ‘This parliament won’t be able to complete its full term. It will have to hold a new election because of the protest of people.’ He claimed, ‘Many have assumed people have accepted this election, however, the reality is very different from this. People are looking for ways to counter them.’

After talking to several leaders of Oikya Front, it was found that they are trying to move forward step-by-step in the next two years following a robust action plan.

This action plan includes:

1) Election tribunal case: Through this case, Oikya Front will intend to make this election questionable. Jatiya Oikya Front leader Advocate Subrata Chowdhury said, ‘We will unveil the truth about the December 30 election through this tribunal.’

2) Organizational reformation: Jatiya Oikya Front believes it needs reformation, which includes BNP too. BNP leaders have already said during a meeting of Oikya Front that the process of reforming BNP is underway. For this, they would require 6 to 12 months. However, other partners of Oikya Front want to reform their organizations as soon as possible. Gano Forum said a number of important persons joined the party during the election. So, Gano Forum is also thinking of holding a council. In the next one year, partners of Oikya Front will remain busy in the reformation process in an attempt to increase their efficiency.

3) Increasing the periphery of Oikya Front: By this time, Oikya Front will try to increase its periphery, confirmed an Oikya Front leader to Bangla Insider. It wants to bring all democratic and progressive forces into its platform. Oikya Front leaders believe that within the next year, there will be visible changes in the alliance.

4) Solution to Jamaat crisis: Oikya Front is mostly embarrassed because of the Jamaat issue since the December 30 election. Due to Jamaat’s presence, it is facing questions from the national and international communities. The international community has made it clear that if Oikya Front does not leave Jamaat, it will not respond to any call for help from BNP. Facing such reality, there has been an attempt to separate Jamaat from BNP. Oikya Front leaders are saying that this Jamaat issue will be resolved within the next three months.

5) Outline of non-partisan neutral caretaker govt: Oikya Front told that it would formulate a non-partisan neutral caretaker government outline in the next year. On the basis of that outline, Oikya Front wants to launch a step-by-step movement.

6) Connection with the civil society: After a year, when the reformation of the organization will be complete, Oikya Front wants to build a platform with the civil society members.

Oikya Front leaders said within the next two years, Oikya Front will be the main character of politics. Then they will start the real movement.

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