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AL making mistake adopting ‘going-solo’ strategy?

Published on : 18 February 2019, 06:00 PM
AL making mistake adopting ‘going-solo’ strategy?

After assuming power for the third consecutive term, Awami League has adopted the strategy of walking alone. The associates were excluded from the cabinet formed on 7 January for the first time ever. Since then, Awami League`s distance with grand alliance and partners is increasing rapidly. The new cabinet and administration are avoiding lobbying of grand alliance and partners. The MPs of 14-party alliance and Jatiya Party have already expressed their frustration at the secretariat. Awami League is going solo in the upazila elections also. The partners here have not been given any attention. Even partners are not with Awami League in Dhaka North City Corporation`s-DNCC mayoral election. Though a meeting of the 14-party alliance was held at Bangabandhu Avenue, it was just a formality. The leaders of the partners also claimed that Awami League is no longer the same, and the party has changed. Rashed Khan Menon, the president of Workers Party, an alliance of the 14-party alliance, said, "Awami League may think that they have no opposition in politics now. That is why they probably adopted the policy of going solo. But if Awami League thinks so, it will be a big mistake."

JSD president Hasanul Haq Inu has made a similar reaction. According to him, "There was no change in the historic context that helped forming the 14-party alliance. Rather, till today communal power is strong enough." Although no one is giving any statement openly, many 14-party alliance leaders and even many Awami League leaders also believe that the policy of this solo journey is a wrong decision. In the long run it will weaken Awami League. Many politicians are assuming that the victory of the third consecutive term has made AL over-confident. Some people are afraid that the party would face problems as a result of this. To explain the reason why Awami League’s ‘go solo’ strategy is  wrong, Awami League partners have identified several the following causes:

1. This policy will provide BNP enough opportunity to re-organize. All the political parties and even the 14-party alliance partners can also be united under the Jatiya Oikya Front banner. Then it will be difficult for Awami League to cope with the situation.

2. By adopting going solo strategy, Awami League will be increasingly dependent on Hefazat and other right-wing groups. And thus, the party will lose its secular character.

3. If Awami League goes alone, the liberal democratic and progressive forces of the country will become guardian-less and weaker. It will be harmful for Awami League at the end.

4. It has been seen in the past that whenever Awami League stayed alone, they had faced several dangers and the party’s power decreased. 2001 is a great example of such claim.

5. It will provide war criminals, militants and anti-democratic forces enough opportunity to organize. And they are always dangerous for Awami League.

6. The strategy of go solo will make Awami League government depend on the bureaucrats, and such signs are already becoming visible. It will eventually be harmful for democracy.

7. As a result, there will be distance between Awami League and the intellectuals, civil society and free-minded people of the country which will be the reason for a major headache for Awami League later on.

However, many partners of the 14-party alliance still have trust on PM and AL President Sheikh Hasina. They think, such policy was adopted by a single part of the party. Sheikh Hasina wanted to move with everyone. And she will realize these problems quickly.


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