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Jamaat to reveal BNP’s secret information

Published on : 12 February 2019, 07:18 PM
Jamaat to reveal BNP’s secret information

During a policy making meeting, Jamaat-e-Islami has vowed to reveal BNP’s secret information. Jamaat took this decision following BNP facing continuous pressure from different circles and party leaders. A number of BNP leaders stressed if BNP does not leave the company of Jamaat, the party’s future will look dark.

Sources said Jamaat wants to see whether BNP breaks the 20-party alliance and leaves the company of Jamaat as Jamaat itself does not want to leave BNP. This meeting discussed various historic perspectives of the relation between Jamaat and BNP. The Jamaat leaders also discussed the financial support that it had provided to BNP over the time. According to the information obtained from the meeting, BNP received regular payments from Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia to run activities of the organization and elections.  The money came through Jamaat. Jamaat recommended BNP to those countries to establish Muslim Ummah in the country and protect the interests of the Muslims. According to that recommendation, Jamaat has been getting money from Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar since 1988. Jamaat also played an important role to bridge relations with Pakistan, confirmed Jamaat leaders. During the national election of 2001, BNP received a huge amount of money from the Pakistani intelligence agency—ISI because of Jamaat. That time, Jamaat told Pakistan if it wanted to establish Pakistani ideologies in Bangladesh and protected its interests, it must support BNP. Talking to a number of Jamaat leaders, it was known that BNP does not want to leave Jamaat because of the monetary support. If BNP leaves Jamaat, its source of a huge amount of money flow will be gone.

Due to recent miseries, organizational weakness and crisis of leadership, BNP’s foreign source of money has already diminished. The Muslim Ummah is satisfied with the changed policy and position of Awami League. They believe there is no need to patronage an individual party to protect the Muslims of Bangladesh and Islamic interests. Rather, AL is working satisfactorily to protect the interests of the Muslims.

AL’s relation with Muslim Ummah from 2008 to 2018 is better than any other time under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. She has built a personal relation with Saudi Arabia. The participation of Bangladesh army in the Combined Army Protection Team was ensured following the prime minister’s order. Now, the Muslim countries have turned away from BNP and Jamaat. For that reason, these two parties are in financial crisis. Jamaat has records of the money transactions provided to BNP. Many in Jamaat are saying that if BNP crosses the line and decides to leave its company, it will publish that information. It will only embarrass BNP.

Not just in financial transactions but also in rehabilitating the killers of 1975 and building contact with the extremist groups, Jamaat played a great role for BNP. Jamaat plans to unmask BNP if it decides to leave the company of Jamaat. However, talking to a number of BNP leaders it has been known that BNP has not decided yet to leave Jamaat. On the other hand, a number of Jamaat leaders said that they do not want BNP to leave Jamaat either. Because, if the alliance breaks apart, both will fall into trouble.

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